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Ib[1][2] is the largest island[3] of the island nation of Ibben,[4] and the second largest island in the Known World, with only Great Moraq, located between the Jade Sea and Summer Sea, being larger.[5]

Most Ibbenese live on Ib and the smaller islands surrounding it.[6]


Ib is located in the Shivering Sea. George R. R. Martin has described Ib as being the size of Iceland.[6] Southeast of Ib is Far Ib, a moderately-sized island which is part of Ibben. Off the southern coast of Ib is the Bay of Whales and several small islands. To the north of Ib another small island is located. Directly to the south of Ib is the Ibbenese colony New Ibbish, bordering on the great forest of northern Essos known as the Kingdom of the Ifequevron. The Ifequevron settlement now known as Vaes Leisi is located to the southwest of Ib on the shores of main Essos, while Ibbish, an abandoned Ibbenese colony town known as Vaes Aresak since the Century of Blood, is located on the main shores of Essos southeast of Ib.[1]

Located upon the southern shores of Ib itself is the Port of Ibben, the largest and richest settlement in the Shivering Sea.[5] The town of Ib Nor is located in northern Ib.[7][1] Ib itself is stony and mountainous. There are several ancient forests and rushing rivers.[5][1] In the forests of Ib, bears and wolves can be found, while mammoths roam the island's plains and hills. Some even claim that in the higher mountains unicorns can be found.[5]

Ib and Lorath have often fought over the supremacy of Bitterweed Bay, located east of the Axe. These waters are known as Battle Bay on Ib, but are called the Bloody Bay by the Lorathi.[8]


Gold, iron, and tin are abundant in the mountains of Ib, whereas timber, amber, and hundreds sorts of pelts can be found in the island's forests. Whale bone, blubber, and oil are Ib's chief stock-in-trade.[5] Among Ib's trading partners are Lorath[9] and Braavos,[10] and once the Kingdom of Sarnor, before its destruction.[11]


It is said that giants once lived on Ib.[5] There were once dragons on Ib, as dragon bones have been found on the island.[12]

One of the tribes living in Andalos before the Andals came are called the hairy men. Pentoshi histories claim them to have been kin to the Ibbenese from Ib, while others argue that the hairy men are the ancestors of the Ibbenese, and yet others that the hairy men came from Ib to Andalos.[13] Some scholars further suggest that the raiders and slavers who attacked the White Knife in the north of Westeros before the coming of the Andals were the forebears of the men of Ib.[14] Predecessors of the men from Ib have been thought to have lived on Norvos before it became a Valyrian settlement,[15] while Lorath became a refuge for freedmen and escaped slaves from the Valyrian freehold, including men from Ib.[9]

Ib has been ruled by the Port of Ibben since the dawn of days, at first by Ibbenese kings, but following the defeat of the last king in the aftermath of the Doom of Valyria Ib, as well as the lesser isles, have been governed by the Shadow Council.[5]

Saath, the only city of the Kingdom of Sarnor which has outlived the Century of Blood, survives today mostly due to the support it receives from Ib and Lorath.[11]

Behind the Scenes

The name of the island Ib may be a reference by Martin to Ib, an ancient city mentioned in "The Doom that Came to Sarnath" by H. P. Lovecraft.


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