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New Ghis
Location island in the Gulf of Grief

New Ghis is a city on an island in the Gulf of Grief that borders on the Summer Sea. Its island lies to the south of Ghaen.[1] The ruins of Old Ghis lie to the north past the Ghiscari Strait in Ghiscar.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Hizdahr zo Loraq is said to wield some influence in New Ghis, a city which depends upon its slaves. The Yunkai'i successfully stir up enmity in New Ghis against Daenerys Targaryen and her rule in Meereen. Quentyn Martell is not surprised that New Ghis allies with Yunkai, as they are both Ghiscari cities. The legions of New Ghis fight beside Yunkai in the Siege of Astapor.

Three galleys from New Ghis join the Qartheen galleys in Meereen's bay. Four legions out of New Ghis have a hundred elephants, armored and towered.[2] To the naked eye the legions of New Ghis look more formidable than the Yunkish slave soldiers, but Tyrion Lannister privately nurses doubts about the legions from New Ghis. He thinks they may be armed and organized in the same manner as the Unsullied, but the eunuchs know no other life, whereas the Ghiscari are free citizens who serve for three year terms.

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