New Ghis

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New Ghis
Ghiscari City
New ghis.jpg
New Ghis, by Franz - FFG ©
Location Island in the Gulf of Grief
Religion gods of Ghis
New Ghis is located in Slaver's Bay
New Ghis
Slaver's Bay and the location of New Ghis

New Ghis is an island city in the Gulf of Grief, which borders on the Summer Sea. Its island lies south of Ghaen. Ghiscar and the ruins of Old Ghis are located to the north, past the Ghiscari Strait.[1] A city dependent on slavery,[2] New Ghis is a much smaller port than Volantis.[3]


New Ghis is the newest and smallest of the Ghiscari cities, but the most dynamic. Its iron legions are inspired by the lockstep legions of the Old Empire of Ghis.[4] They are armed and trained in the fashion of the Unsullied, the eunuch soldiers of Astapor.[5] The Unsullied are slaves, however, while the legionaries are free men who serve terms of three years.[6][4]

Hizdahr zo Loraq is said to wield some influence in New Ghis.[7]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Arstan Whitebeard and Strong Belwas sail from Pentos to New Ghis and then on to Qarth.[8]

A Storm of Swords

After Daenerys Targaryen leaves Yunkai, the Wise Masters sends envoys to New Ghis seeking allies against the liberator of the Slaver Cities.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

The Yunkai'i stir up enmity in New Ghis against Daenerys and her rule in Meereen.[7][3] Two iron legions fight in the battle at the Horns of Hazzat,[3] and three galleys from New Ghis join Qartheen galleys and a Tolosi carrack in blocking the Skahazadhan.[2] Ghiscari legions also fight in the siege of Astapor and the city's ensuing sack.[10][11]

Four legions are part of the Yunkish host which marches for the second siege of Meereen, while another two legions sail from Astapor[12] and encamp north of the Skahazadhan.[13] Tyrion Lannister thinks the legions of New Ghis look more formidable than the Yunkish slave soldiers, but he thinks the Unsullied in Daenerys's service are more dedicated than the iron legionaries.[6] The bloody flux spreads from Tolosi slingers to a Ghiscari legion.[13]

The Goddess and the Fawn sail from Volantis for New Ghis, the latter ship continuing on to Qarth.[3] The Selaesori Qhoran is to sail for Qarth by way of New Ghis,[14] but the ship is overtaken by slavers en route.[15] The Iron Fleet intercepts the Ghiscari Dawn of New Ghis, as well as two galleys returning to the island city for supplies and reinforcements.[16]