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Sothoryos's location on the map of the known world

Sothoryos or Sothoros is one of the four known continents in the world. It lies to the southeast of Westeros and is south of Essos across the Summer Sea. East of Sothoryos is the southern Jade Sea.



Sothoryos is a large continent, covered in jungles, plague-ridden, and largely unexplored. The northern coast has been mapped, with the ruined cities of Zamettar, Yeen, Gogossos and Gorosh noted, but little else is known of them. Wyvern Point is in northeastern Sothoryos near Lesser Moraq.[1]

The north coast has many islands along its length, such as the Isle of Tears and Isle of Toads, as well as the Basilisk Isles, presumably named for the creatures inhabiting them. Ax Isle and Naath also lie off the coast of the continent.[2][3]


Sothoryos men are described as brindle-skinned half-men by Daenerys Targaryen.[4] The continent is home to a variety of unique animals, among them hairy apes that are found in the jungles.[5]


Yezzan zo Qaggaz contracted an unidentified disease while in Sothoryos.[6]


In the books the continent is named "Sothoros" and "Sothoryos". In The Lands of Ice and Fire and the correspondence of George R. R. Martin with fans the version "Sothoryos" is used.[7]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Brindle-skinned half-men from the jungles of Sothoryos are among those who come to Meereen to battle in Daznak's Pit.[4]

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