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Spices are plant substances primarily used for flavoring or coloring food.


Several variety of spices exist in the known world, such as: red pepper,[1] white pepper,[1] black pepper,[1] peppercorn,[2] cinnamon,[3] cloves,[3] nutmeg,[1] saffron,[4] curry,[5] cardamom,[5] ginger,[6] mustard seed,[3] and salt.[3]

Saffron is worth more than gold, and only wealthier people can afford it.[4]

Rare and strange spices are imported to Westeros by ship from Sothoryos,[7], the Summer Isles,[8] and eastern Essos (including Qarth, Yi Ti, and Leng). No western route to eastern Essos — a land rich in silk, gemstones, and spices — has been discovered yet. Such a route would make its discoverer an extremely wealthy person.[9]


The spiceflower is a scented flower found in the Dothraki sea that is used in perfumes.[10]

The Ancient Guild of Spicers is one of the three prominent organization of merchant princes within the city of Qarth.[11]

The Saffron Straits are the eastern exit of the Jade Sea, dividing the continents of Essos and Ulthos.[12]

Lannisport is known for its spiced honey wine.[13] At the Wall, the brothers of the Night's Watch drink hot mulled wine, spiced with cloves and nutmeg.[14] Hippocras is made from wine mixed with sugar and spices, most notably cinnamon, and possibly heated.

Dornishmen like to eat their food with fiery peppers and strange hot spices.[15][16][17] People from the Reach claim these spices make Dornishmen hot-tempered, and Dornishwomen wild and wanton.[15]

The candles in the solar of Petyr Baelish in the Eyrie smell of nutmeg and other costly spices.[18]

Sister's stew is normally spiced with salt and pepper, but wealthy people can also add cloves, nutmeg, and saffron.[4]

Spices from the Summer Isles are used in the preparation of the strangler.[8]

Meereen has a spice market.[19]


Two of the Rhoynish Wars, fought between the Valyrians and the Rhoynar, were named the first and Second Spice War.[7]

In 50 AC, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his master of coin, a former Pentoshi spicemonger named Rego Draz, instituted a series of luxury taxes on expensive foreign imports, including spices.[20]

Elissa Farman and the Hightower brothers, Eustace and Norman, attempted to find a western route to eastern Essos in 56 AC.[9] After facing fierce storms, Elissa and Eustace found new spices on three small uninhabited islands. Elissa continued her voyage west from there, but Eustace desired to return home and sailed east.[13] It is unknown if Elissa succeeded in finding a western route, but many years later, Corlys Velaryon saw an old ship he believed was the Sun Chaser in Asshai.[13] Unlike Elissa, Corlys made several voyages by sailing east to the eastern part of Essos via the traders' route. Those voyages made Corlys and House Velaryon extremely wealthy, to the point of becoming the wealthiest House in Westeros.[21] One of the villages on Corlys's home island of Driftmark developed into a prosperous port town named Spicetown,[22] and the Velaryon warship Spicetown Girl was named after the town.[23]

The Shivers hit Westeros in the winter of 5960 AC. As no remedy was known to cure the deadly disease, several options were tested, such as drinking wine spiced with snake venom.[13]

Trade boomed in King's Landing during the Lysene Spring. Spices from the east were arriving to the city more frequently than before.[24]

Daemon II Blackfyre smelled of oranges and limes, with a hint of some strange eastern spice beneath.[25]

House Spicer was founded by a petty lord, a wealthy merchant elevated to nobility by Lord Tytos Lannister of Casterly Rock.[1] The Spicer sigil displays three black pepperpots on a saffron bend.[26][27] The merchant's wife, Maggy the Frog, later kept a fortune-telling tent that was redolent with queer eastern spices.[28]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Magister Illyrio Mopatis is a dealer in spices.[10]

A Dance with Dragons

Davos Seaworth is served a bowl of sister's stew by Lord Godric Borrell, cooked with rarer spices than usual, including the costly saffron that Davos has only tasted once before in his life.[4]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.

Saffron, the daughter of a spice merchant from Gulltown who is one of the richest men in the city, is pregnant with the bastard of Ser Harrold Hardyng.[29]


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