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Daemon II Blackfyre
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Daemon II Blackfyre in golden fetters. © Marc Simonetti

Alias Ser John the Fiddler
The Brown Dragon
Title King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men (claimant)
Lord of the Seven Kingdoms (claimant)
Protector of the Realm (claimant)
Allegiance House Blackfyre
Born In 188 AC or 189 AC[1]
Died In A few years after 211 AC[2]
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
The Mystery Knight (appears)
An engrailed cross in gold with a golden fiddle in the first and third quarters, a golden sword in the second and fourth.[3]
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Daemon II Blackfyre, also known as Daemon the Younger,[2] was the third son of Daemon I Blackfyre. He used the alias John the Fiddler, a hedge knight, while traveling incognito through the Seven Kingdoms. He led the brief Second Blackfyre Rebellion. As John the Fiddler his coat of arms was an engrailed cross in gold with a golden fiddle in the first and third quarters, a golden sword in the second and fourth.[4]

Character and Appearance

When meeting him under the alias of 'Ser John the Fiddler', Dunk thought of Daemon II as "a young man lean and lithe, with a comely clean-shaved face and fine features". He had collar-length black hair and eyes that caught the deep blue of his doublet; Dunk noted he had "Egg's eyes". After revealing himself as the son of Daemon I Blackfyre, Daemon the Younger washed the black dye from his hair to reveal its silver-gold color.[4]

Daemon had a close relationship with Lord Alyn Cockshaw.{[ref|TWOIAF| Aerys I}} George R. R. Martin has confirmed that Daemon was homosexual.[5]


Under the guise of Ser John, Daemon happened across Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg while heading to Whitewalls for the wedding tourney that Lord Ambrose Butterwell held in 211 AC.[4][2] During the wedding, he was given a place of honor on the dais, uncommon for someone supposed to be a hedge knight. After the bedding had taken place, Daemon, still under the guise of John, approached Duncan and told him about the dreams he was having, about Duncan wearing a white cloak in the future. He tried to win Duncan over to his side, but Duncan remained unsure and then they were interrupted by Lord Gormon Peake.

During the tourney, Daemon unseated Ser Franklyn Frey and Ser Galtry the Green.[4] After Ser Glendon Flowers was charged with the theft of the dragon egg that was the grand prize of the tourney, it was brought to the attention of Daemon that Glendon had been framed.[4] Daemon revealed his true identity and gave Glendon the power to defend himself against the charges by a trial by battle with Daemon himself. Glendon, still suffering from the affects of being tortured, defeated Daemon in the first tilt of their joust.[4]

News quickly spread that Lord Brynden Rivers, known as Bloodraven was marching on Whitewalls to end what had become the Second Blackfyre Rebellion. Daemon tried to inspire the arms men who were within the castle, but they had no intention of fighting for such a weak warrior. Daemon then met the oncoming army and offered to do single battle but was arrested instead by Lord Rivers.[4]

Bloodraven kept Daemon alive as a hostage to block Aegor Rivers, known as Bittersteel, from crowning Daemon's younger brother, Haegon.[4] Daemon the Younger died a few years later while a hostage in the Red Keep.[2]


Daena Targaryen
Aegon IV Targaryen
of Tyrosh
Two sons
Aegor Rivers

Quotes by Daemon

Daemon: They cannot cow us, for our cause is just. We'll slash through them and ride hell-bent for King's Landing! Sound the trumpets! We'll make another Redgrass Field today.

Squire: Piss on that, fiddle boy. I'd rather live.[4]

- Daemon and a squire

I will fight you, or the coward Aerys, or any champion you care to name.[4]
- Daemon to Brynden Rivers

Quotes about Daemon

His dreams will be the death of all of us.[4]
- Gormon Peake to Duncan

You would be surprised to know how many lords prefer their kings brave and stupid. Daemon is young and dashing, and looks good on a horse.[4]
- Maynard Plumm to Duncan

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