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Lady Meredith was a Hightower ship captained by Ser Eustace Hightower.[1]


When Elissa Farman, using the name Alys Westhill, sailed from Oldtown on Sun Chaser to explore the Sunset Sea in 56 AC, she was joined by Ser Eustace Hightower on Lady Meredith and his brother, Ser Norman, on Autumn Moon.[1]

Three fierce storms struck the voyagers, with Autumn Moon sinking during the third. Some on Lady Meredith claimed that Norman's ship was brought down by a kraken. In addition to nine missing crew, Lady Meredith suffered torn sails and splintered masts. Elissa towed the damaged ship to three islands. After Lady Meredith was repaired, Eustace chose to return to Oldtown instead of continuing west with Elissa.[2]

During the return voyage, however, a pod of leviathans cracked the hull of Lady Meredith. Eustace sailed for the Summer Isles, but ended up at Sothoryos. Eustace spent a year on the dangerous southern continent, during which his crew dwindled due to diseases or disappearances. Summer Islanders eventually helped Eustace repair his ship, and the knight hired some as new crew. Eustace sailed Lady Meredith to Tall Trees Town and then to Oldtown, returning in 59 AC.[2]


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