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The Kingdom of the Ifequevron[1] or Kingdoms of the Ifeqevron[2] is a forested region of northern Essos along the Shivering Sea.[2] Omber and the Bay of Tusks are to the west, while the Kingdom of Sarnor is to the southwest. East of the forest are the Realm of Jhogwin and the Krazaaj Zasqa. The Dothraki sea and Vaes Dothrak are to the south; a river from the Womb of the World by Vaes Dothrak runs through the kingdom to the Shivering Sea. East of the forest are the Ibbenese city New Ibbish and the ruins of Vaes Aresak (Ibbish).[2]


Ifequevron, meaning "wood walkers", is the Dothraki language name for a people who once lived in the forest. Located on a small western peninsula, Vaes Leisi is a ruined settlement of carved trees and haunted grottoes.[1]

The Dothraki are reported to have shunned the Kingdom of the Ifequevron out of reverence for the wood walkers or fear of their powers.[3]

Corlys Velaryon, after his return from the Thousand Islands wrote of carved trees, haunted grottoes, and strange silences at the Kingdom of the Ifequevron.[3]

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