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Location of Ibben on the World map

Ibben (sometimes called Ib after its largest island) is an island nation, located north of the Dothraki Sea, in the Shivering Sea, which is the polar sea north of the eastern continent, Essos. The chief city of Ibben is the Port of Ibben, situated on the southern coast of its largest island, Ib.[1]



The largest island of Ibben is Ib, a forested and mountainous island containing the cities Port of Ibben and Ib Nor. South of Ib are scattered islands in the Bay of Whales. Southeast of Ib is a moderately-sized mountainous island called Far Ib, containing the city Ib Sar.[1]

South of the Ibbenese islands on the mainland of Essos is the city of New Ibbish, situated on a forested peninsula north of the Kingdoms of the Ifeqevron. Southeast of New Ibbish are the ruins of Ibbish, now known by its Dothraki name, Vaes Aresak.[1]


Most Ibbenese live on their large island and several smaller ones, with a few colonies on the Essos mainland.[2] They are whalers who live off the large population of whales in the Shivering Sea. They pilot fat-bellied whaling ships, hulls black with tar, and sometimes reach as far as King's Landing for trade.[3] The Ibbenese are usually described as hairy[4] and squat, with rasping voices[5] who chew blubber.[2] They are fond of axes[6] and carry shaggy brown shields.[7]

Behind the Scenes

George R. R. Martin describes Ibben as being the size of Iceland.[2]

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