Jaenara Belaerys

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Jaenara Belaerys
Jaenara Belaerys and her dragon Terrax by Jota Saraiva.jpg
Jaenara and her dragon Terrax, by Jota Saraiva

Allegiance Belaerys family
Race Valyrian
Culture Valyrian
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Jaenara Belaerys was a dragonrider of Valyria.


Jaenara flew her dragon, Terrax, farther south in Sothoryos than anyone had gone before. She returned to the Valyrian Freehold after three years, having found only endless jungle, deserts, and mountains. Jaenara declared that Sothoryos was as large as Essos and "a land without end".[1]


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