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Great Wyk

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Great Wyk. © FFG
The Iron Islands and the location of Great Wyk
The Iron Islands and the location of Great Wyk
Great Wyk
The Iron Islands and the location of Great Wyk

Great Wyk is the largest of the islands that make up the Iron Islands.[1] Aside from the Lonely Light, it is the westernmost of the isles. Great Wyk is west of Old Wyk and Orkmont, north of Saltcliffe, and northeast of Pyke.[2] Unlike the other isles, Great Wyk is so large that some of its castles, such as Hammerhorn, are inland instead of near the Sunset Sea.[1]



Some of the noble houses found upon the island include House Merlyn, House Sparr, House Goodbrother,[3] and House Farwynd.[4]

Hammerhorn, the seat of the main line of House Goodbrother, is located in the Hardstone Hills. Other branches of the Goodbrothers on Great Wyk live at Corpse Lake, Crow Spike Keep, and Downdelving.[1] The Merlyns reside in Pebbleton,[1] while the Farwynds live at Sealskin Point.


Stannis Baratheon subdued Great Wyk during Greyjoy's Rebellion.[5]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

After the selection of Euron Greyjoy at the kingsmoot, Aeron Greyjoy is said to have gone into hiding on Great Wyk.[5]

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