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Soldier pine is a type of pine tree found in much of Westeros. The tall, green pine[1] is plentiful in the north and beyond the Wall.[2] Soldier pines grow thickly in the haunted forest,[3] the wolfswood,[4] and in the godswood of Winterfell.[5][6] Scrawny soldier pines grow in the northern mountains.[7]

Green soldier pines grow in the Whispering Wood in the northern riverlands,[8] along the Rosby road,[9] and throughout Crackclaw Point[10] in the crownlands. Blue soldier pines can be found near the Mountains of the Moon.[11] Soldier pines also grow as far south as the rainwood in the stormlands.[12] Blue-green soldier pines cover the mountains of Great Wyk in the Iron Islands.[13]

Soldier pines also grow along the steep ridges guarding the lagoon of Braavos in Essos,[14] such as Sellagoro's Shield.


The soldier pines were dressed in somber greens, the broadleafs in russets and faded golds already beginning to brown.[15]

—thoughts of Arya Stark

Soldier pines were everywhere, drawn up in solemn ranks.[10]

—thoughts of Brienne Tarth