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A shadowcat in the snow - by Veronica V. Jones. © Fantasy Flight Games
A shadowcat - by Mike S Miller ©

Shadowcats are large felines, that are found beyond the Wall and also in the Mountains of the Moon. There is a constellation of stars named the shadowcat.



Shadowcats are fearsome predators, but will also scavenge. They have thick black fur with white stripings, in size they are between real world tigers or mountain lions.[1]

It's said that shadowcats can smell blood six miles away. They'll eat every shred of meat from a kill and will even crack the bones to get at the marrow. [2] Shadowcats tend to not attack living men unless very starved. [3]

Varamyr Sixskins, a diminutive wildling and a skinchanger, controls three wolves, a snow bear, and a shadowcat.[4] When he wanted a woman from the villages, he would send his shadowcat to get them. His shadowcat used to fight him violently when he would slip into its skin. [5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Dicing with Marillion, Tyrion Lannister wins a magnificent shadowskin cloak, thick black fur slashed by stripes of white. In the Sky Cells Mord takes it from him.

A Clash of Kings

While making his way through Skirling Pass, Jon Snow watches a shadowcat stalk a ram, flowing down the mountainside like liquid smoke until it was ready to pounce. Jon wishes he could move as sure and silent as that shadowcat, and kill as quickly.

A Dance with Dragons

In the agony of Orell’s eagle’s death Varamyr Sixskins lost control of his shadowcat which had raced into the woods. [5]


A low rumbling growl echoed off the rock. Shadowcat, Jon knew at once. As he rose he heard another, closer at hand. He pulled his sword and turned, listening. [2]

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