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A shadowcat in the snow - by Veronica V. Jones. © Fantasy Flight Games
A shadowcat - by Mike S Miller ©

Shadowcats are large felines, that are found beyond the Wall and also in the Mountains of the Moon. There is a constellation of stars named the shadowcat.


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Shadowcats are fearsome predators, but will also scavenge. They have thick black fur with white stripings, in size they are between real world tigers or mountain lions.[1]

It's said that shadowcats can smell blood six miles away. They'll eat every shred of meat from a kill and will even crack the bones to get at the marrow. [2] Shadowcats tend to not attack living men unless very starved. [3]

Varamyr Sixskins, a diminutive wildling and a skinchanger, controls three wolves, a snow bear, and a shadowcat.[4] When he wanted a woman from the villages, he would send his shadowcat to get them. His shadowcat used to fight him violently when he would slip into its skin. [5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Dicing with Marillion, Tyrion Lannister wins a magnificent shadowskin cloak, thick black fur slashed by stripes of white. In the Sky Cells Mord takes it from him.

A Clash of Kings

While making his way through Skirling Pass, Jon Snow watches a shadowcat stalk a ram, flowing down the mountainside like liquid smoke until it was ready to pounce. Jon wishes he could move as sure and silent as that shadowcat, and kill as quickly.

A Dance with Dragons

In the agony of Orell’s eagle’s death Varamyr Sixskins lost control of his shadowcat which had raced into the woods. [5]


A low rumbling growl echoed off the rock. Shadowcat, Jon knew at once. As he rose he heard another, closer at hand. He pulled his sword and turned, listening. [2]

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