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The Skirling Pass is a series of passes into the Frostfangs, located beyond the Wall. The path is named for the keening sound the wind makes as it blows through it.[1]


The Skirling Pass is a long, twisting course between mountain peaks and hidden valleys. There is no grass save a few weeds and pale lichen clinging to life amongst cracks in the rock.[1] The highest point of the pass is marked with a stone archway. From the top there is a hidden valley, long and v-shaped, amongst the mountains. A glacier of ice several thousand feet high plugs one end, squeezed between the mountains. Under that icy height is a great lake, its waters a deep cobalt that reflect the snow-capped peaks that surround it.[2] Shadowcats dwell in the Frostfangs.[1]

Other paths into the Frostfangs include the Giant's Stair, if it is clear.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Stonesnake and Jon Snow scale the Skirling Pass, by Derk Venneman © Fantasy Flight Games

The Skirling Pass is considered by the Night's Watch as a probable place to find Mance Rayder's wildlings.[3] Qhorin Halfhand's group is sent to scout it for signs of wildlings.[2] Stonesnake and Jon Snow scale the Skirling Pass at night to ambush a trio of wildling watchers, where they kill two of the sentries.[1] Jon captures Ygritte, but releases the wildling rather than execute her.[1]

While retreating back to the Fist of the First Men, the scouts are overtaken by Rattleshirt's wildlings, with Jon the only confirmed survivor while Stonesnake is ordered by Qhorin to climb through the Frostfangs on foot to warn the Night's Watch of the wildling invasion.[4]

A Storm of Swords

Stonesnake is lost in the Skirling Pass.[5] Several wildlings attempt to follow the ranger up the mountain, but cease pursuit once the terrain becomes too rough for them and their horses to follow him.[6]


The Skirling Pass was really a series of passes, a long twisting course that went up around a succession of icy wind-carved peaks and down through hidden valleys that seldom saw the sun.[1]

—thoughts of Jon Snow

Before him the Skirling Pass opened up into airy emptiness, and a long vee-shaped valley lay spread beneath him like a quilt, awash in all the colors of an autumn afternoon.[2]

—thoughts of Jon Snow

Chapters that takes place at the Skirling Pass