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Year 135 After the Conquest (135 AC) is a year in the Westerosi calendar, the 135th after Aegon's crowning in Oldtown that maesters and educated people use as a reference to date the years.

Early in 135 the six-year winter ended. It followed a time of hope, prosperity, and economic growth fueled by the resurgence of trade and returns paid by the Rogare Bank. Due to the growing influence of Prince Viserys's in-laws, the period came to be known as the Lysene Spring. Later in the year, the collapse of House Rogare in Lys results in the downfall of the Rogares in King's Landing and the bankruptcy of their bank. Lord Rowan is also imprisoned, accused of being complicit in their supposed treason. Refusing to deliver Larra Rogare, King Aegon and Prince Viserys are besieged for 18 days in Maegor's Holdfast until it is proven that the accusations against Lord Rowan and the Rogares had been fabricated.

Prince Viserys, Larra Rogare and Prince Aegon, as depicted by Magali Villeneuve in The World of Ice & Fire.


  • Ending of the war in the Iron Islands
  • Cregan Stark borrows from the Iron Bank of Braavos to buy food for his smallfolk.
  • The succession struggle continues in the Vale, with the three claimants ignoring the requests from the Iron Throne to stop the fighting. Ser Corwyn Corbray goes to the Vale with an army and determines that Ser Joffrey Arryn is the rightful lord.
  • On the third day of the third moon, Rhaena flies on Morning for the first time.
  • The egg given to Laena Velaryon hatches in the cradle, emerging a monstrous and wingless wyrm that bites Laena before being slain by Alyn Velaryon.
  • King Aegon commands that no dragon eggs will be longer allowed at the Red Keep, which leads to a quarrel with his brother.
  • The collapse of House Rogare in Lys results in the downfall of the Rogares in King's Landing. The brothers Lotho and Roggerio Rogare are arrested.
  • Lord Rowan is accused of bribery, fraud and treason, in league with the Rogares. Under torture, he confesses all the crimes.
  • King Aegon III, Prince Viserys, and their households entrench themselves in Maegor's Holdfast in what became known as the secret siege to prevent the arrest of Larra Rogare. Ser Marston Waters had them besieged for eighteen days, until is made clear than the accusations against Lord Rowan and the Rogares had been fabricated.
  • George Graceford confesses that the accusations had been part of a conspiracy that included himself, Ser Amaury Peake, Ser Marvin Flowers, Tessario the Tiger, Septon Bernard, Ser Gareth Long, Ser Victor Risley, Ser Lucas Leygood, six captains of the city gates and three of the queen's ladies. The conspirators are arrested, and while all them had close ties with Lord Unwin Peake, his part on the plot can't be proved.



In Lys

Titles and appointments

  • Joffrey Arryn is declared the new Lord of the Eyrie.
  • Ser Marston Waters is named Hand of the King by the remaining regents, in the place of Thaddeus Rowan who is dismissed. The other regent, Grand Maester Munkun, approves the appointment.
  • Thaddeus Rowan is reinstated as the Hand, but is unable to perform his duties and resigns. Grand Maester Munkun assumes the role of Hand for the remaining of the year.