Drazenko Rogare

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Drazenko Rogare
House Martell.svg
Title Prince Consort of Dorne
Allegiance House Rogare
House Martell
Culture Lysene
Died In or between 129 AC and 134 AC[1]
Spouse Princess Aliandra Martell
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Drazenko Rogare was a member of House Rogare, a wealthy noble family of Lys dedicated to banking. He was the brother of Lysandro "the Magnificent" and uncle of Lysaro, Larra (who married Prince Viserys Targaryen before he ascended to the Iron Throne), and Moredo Rogare. Drazenko was married at some point to Aliandra Martell, the Princess of Dorne. It is unknown if she had children by him. He and his brother died within a day of one another, beginning the decline of the Rogare family in both Lys and the Seven Kingdoms.[2]


Aliandra Martell
Viserys II
House Targaryen

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