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Naerys Targaryen

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Naerys Targaryen
House Targaryen crest.PNG
Naerys by Amok©

Title Princess
Allegiance House Targaryen
Race Valyrian
Culture Valyrian
Born In or between 135AC and 144AC[1], at King's Landing
Died At King's Landing
Spouse Aegon IV Targaryen
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (Mentioned)

Queen Naerys Targaryen was the sister-wife to King Aegon IV, known as the Unworthy, the sister of Prince Aemon "the Dragonknight" and the mother of King Daeron II Targaryen.



Naerys had the Targaryen looks, a very fine and delicate beauty, almost unworldy. She was very slender and small, with big purple eyes and fine, pale, porcelain skin, near translucent.[2] Naerys dressed well, but simply, and seldom wore her crown or any other jewellery. Though she had the silver-gold hair of the Targaryens, she often bound it up beneath a hair net or concealed it beneath a cowl. She bore a certain resemblance to Daenerys Targaryen.


Naerys was the only daughter of King Viserys II Targaryen. According to semi-canon sources, she almost died in the cradle and was sickly for most of her life, she found most physical activity to be very taxing. She ate but little and was painfully thin, almost emaciated.[2]

Naerys loved music and poetry, played the harp very well, enjoyed sewing and embroidering. She was devout in her faith, and often found solace in the pages of the Seven-Pointed Star. Once Daeron was born she asked Aegon to release her from her vows so she could join the Faith but he refused her. She was unhappy in her marriage and it was said only her son Daeron or her brother Aemon could make her smile.[2]

Her brother, Prince Aemon, championed her against the slanders of Ser Morgil,[3] when he accused her of treason.[4] Much later in her life she gave birth to a daughter Daenerys.


After her husband Aegon became King, rumours started that their son Daeron had not been fathered by Aegon, but by Aemon, their brother. The truth of this claim has never been proven or disproven, though the singers claim Naerys loved Aemon, and Aemon loved her.[4] It is said that Aemon cried when Naerys and Aegon got married. Aemon joined the Kingsguard soon after the wedding, at the age of 17.[4]

No matter what the truth was of the matter, Aemon eventually died defending Aegon from two men who attempted to kill him. Naerys did not survive long after Aemons death,[4] though the cause of her death is currently unknown.

It should be noted that until now, only rumours about Daeron's parentage are known. For as far as is known, there has been no one to question the paternaty of Daenerys, Naerys' daughter.


Aegon IV
Unknown wife
Unknown son
Unknown son
Unknown son
Unknown daughters

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