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Maron Martell
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Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornishmen
Born 147158 AC[1]
Father Prince Martell
Spouse Princess Daenerys Targaryen
  • Son
  • Other children

Maron Nymeros Martell was the ruling Prince of Dorne and head of House Martell during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen.


In 161 AC, Maron's father, the Prince of Dorne, signed the marriage treaty which brought peace to Dorne after four years of war. In the treaty, which he made with King Baelor I Targaryen, he agreed to marry his daughter and eldest child, Princess Myriah, to Prince Daeron Targaryen, the grandson of Prince Viserys Targaryen, Baelor's uncle and Hand.[2] This agreement removed Myriah from the succession to the throne of Dorne, making Maron the Prince's new heir. By 174 AC, Maron had succeeded his father as Prince of Dorne.[3]

Baelor's cousin, King Aegon IV Targaryen, was notoriously corrupt, and showed ambitions of war and conquest towards Dorne. His son and heir, Prince Daeron, opposed him and spoke out against his father's misrule, with the backing of his allies, Prince Maron chief among them.[3]

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After the death of Aegon IV in 184 AC, Daeron, now King Daeron II Targaryen, began one of his earliest significant acts after assuming the throne — negotiations with Prince Maron, his brother-in-law and ally, to bring Dorne under the rule of House Targaryen. The negotiations lasted two years, and the treaty included the proposal of a marriage between Maron and Daeron's sister, Princess Daenerys Targaryen, once she was of age. This marriage would formally make Dorne part of the Seven Kingdoms.[4][2][5]

Prince Maron's wedding to Princess Daenerys was held a year later, in 187 AC, in King's Landing. After the ceremony, Prince Maron knelt before the Iron Throne to swear his oaths of fealty. King Daeron raised up Maron to great acclaim, and together they went to pay their respects to the statue of the late King Baelor the Blessed at the Great Sept, laying a golden wreath at his feet and proclaiming, "Baelor, your work is done." To celebrate the wedding, a tourney was held in the capital, where Maron's nephew, Prince Baelor Targaryen, won the name "Breakspear" and the victory, defeating Daemon Blackfyre in the lists in the final tilt.[5]

Prince Maron had won a few concessions in his accord with King Daeron II to unite Dorne with the Seven Kingdoms. House Martell held significant rights and privileges that the other Great Houses of Westeros did not — the right to keep their royal title first among them, but also the autonomy to maintain their own laws, the right to assess and gather the taxes with only irregular oversight from the crown, and other such matters. Certain lords were dissatisfied by these concessions, and the belief that Dorne held too much influence over the king, as King Daeron brought many Dornishmen to the court, granting some notable offices.[5] Some were particularly incensed by King Daeron's marriage to a Dornishwoman, and how he had "sold his sister to the Prince of Dorne", believing that Daenerys had loved her half-brother, Daemon Blackfyre, and that King Dareon had denied them.[6] These elements were among the seeds that led to the First Blackfyre Rebellion in 196 AC, led by Daemon.[5]


As a gift for his new bride, to mark Dorne's marriage to the Iron Throne, Prince Maron had the Water Gardens built three leagues to the west of Sunspear.[4][7] The Water Gardens were a place of beauty made of colored marble, with pools, fountains, and trees, to free Daenerys from the heat and dust of Sunspear.[8] Their children played in the pools, along with the children of other highborn lords and ladies. One day, when the sun was hot, Daenerys took pity on the children of the lowborn servants and guards, and allowed them to play in the pools with the highborn children, starting a tradition that is still kept in Dorne to this day.[8]

Together with Daenerys, Maron had multiple children.[5] His eldest child, a son, presumably succeeded him as the ruling Prince of Dorne.[8]


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Quotes about Maron

Whether Daenerys loved Daemon, as those who rose for the Black Dragon later claimed, who could say? In the years afterward, Daenerys was never aught but a loyal wife to Prince Maron, and if she mourned Daemon Blackfyre, she left no record of it.[5]

—writings of Yandel


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