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Deria Martell
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Art by AileLletram

Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornishmen
Born or after 35 BC[1]
Died 3749 AC[1]
Father Nymor Martell

Deria Martell was the ruling Princess of Dorne and the head of House Martell during the reigns of kings Aegon I and Aenys I Targaryen.[2]


The First Dornish War

Princess Deria was the granddaughter of Princess Meria Martell, the Yellow Toad of Dorne. Upon Meria's death in 13 AC, Deria's father Nymor took over the rule of Dorne. The First Dornish War had been ongoing since 4 AC, and Nymor wanted peace. He send Deria at the head of a delegation to King's Landing, with the skull of the death dragon Meraxes as a peace offer. Many at court took this act ill, including Queen Visenya and Lord Orys Baratheon. Lord Oakheart suggested that Deria should be sent to "the meanest of brothels to service any man who would have her".[2][3]

Deria assured King Aegon I Targaryen that Dorne wanted peace, but would not swear fealthy to the Iron Throne. King Aegon's counselors argued against this, claiming Aegon would look weak if he agreed. In addition, they believed the lords of the Reach and stormlands would feel offended by such a peace.[2][3]

King Aegon was ready to refuse the offer when Princess Deria presented him with a letter from her father. Aegon read the letter on the Iron Throne, allegedly clenching the bladed seat so hard his hand started to bleed. Once he was done he burned the letter and immediately flew to Dragonstone upon Balerion. When he returned the next morning, he agreed to the peace and signed a treaty.[2][3]

The Vulture Hunt

At some point in the following decade, old Prince Nymor passed away and Deria succeeded him as the Princess of Dorne. In 23 AC, King Aegon and his eldest son Aenys flew to Sunspear on their dragons, Balerion and Quicksilver, to attend a "feast of friendship" hosted by Princess Deria to mark the ten year anniversary of the peace accords.[4]

In 37 AC, Aenys succeeded his father as king, and was almost immediately opposed by four rebels. The largest and most threatening of these rebels was the so-called "Vulture King" in the Red Mountains. Princess Deria publicly issued denouncements against the Vulture King from Sunspear, but many believed that she supported him in secret.[4][5]




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Preceded by Princess of Dorne
Lady of Sunspear
Next known title holder:
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