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Deria Martell
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Art by AileLletram

Title Princess of Dorne
Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornishmen
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Princess Deria Martell was the ruling Princess of Dorne during the reign of King Aenys I (and presumably also during the later years of the reign of Aegon I).


The First Dornish War

Princess Deria was the granddaughter of Princess Meria Martell, the Yellow Toad of Dorne. Upon Meria's death in 13 AC, Deria's father, Prince Nymor took over the rule of Dorne, but he was already old and failing.[1] The First Dornish War had already been going on since 4 AC, and Nymor wanted peace. He send Deria at the head of a delegation to King's Landing, with the skull of the death dragon Meraxes as a peace offer, a gift for the King, yet many took this act ill. Queen Visenya and Lord Orys Baratheon were amongst those who considered this an ill thing, and Lord Oakheart suggested that Deria would be sent to "the meanest of brothers to service any man who would have her".[2]

King Aegon I Targaryen instead choose to listen to Deria's message. Deria assured Aegon that Dorne wanted peace. But not by swearing fealthy to the Iron Throne - a peace between two Kingdoms, two equals. King Aegon was being councilled against this, by many - the phrase "no peace without submission" would often be heard in Aegonfort - as they claimed Aegon would look weak, should he agree. In addition, they believed the lords of the Reach and Stormlands would feel offended by such a peace, after having lost so much in the war. [2]

It is said that King Aegon was ready to refuse the offer, when Princess Deria presented him with a letter from her father. Aegon read the letter, his hands clenching it so hard they started to bleed, and once he was done, he burned the letter, and immediately flew to Dragonstone upon Balerion. He returned the next morning, agreed to the peace, and signed a treaty.[2]

The Vulture Hunt

By the time the eldest son of Aegon I Targaryen, King Aenys I Targaryen ascended the throne, Princess Deria was ruling Dorne in her own right. One of the many rebels King Aenys I faced during the first year of his reign was the Vulture King, who had gained thousands of followers against the Targaryens. The Martells largely ignored the Vulture King, as the outlaw army never raided any of her own territory, and Princess Deria assured Aenys that House Martell only desired peace, and that they were doing everything they could to put down the rebellion. Even so, it was left mostly to the Marcher lords to fight against the Vulture King (who was a dornishman himself).[3]



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