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House Targaryen crest.PNG
Alias Tyanna of Pentos
Tyanna of the Tower
Title Queen
Master of Whisperers
Allegiance House Targaryen
Spouse King Maegor I Targaryen
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire

Tyanna, also known as Tyanna of Pentos and Tyanna of the Tower, was a Pentoshi woman who became a wife of King Maegor I Targaryen.[1]


During Maegor's exile she became his lover and rumored to be Queen Alys Harroway's as well.

Maegor was crowned king and his rule was challenged by the Faith to a trial of seven, Maegor won but was grievously wounded. Twenty-eight days after Queen Alys arrived from Pentos bring with her Tyanna. The Dowager Queen, after meeting with Tyanna, gave the king over to her care alone—a fact that troubled Maegor’s supporters.[1]

The Dowager Queen died in 44AC. In the confusion after her death, Aenys’s widow, Queen Alyssa, slipped away from Dragonstone with her children, as well as with Dark Sister. Alyssa and Aenys’s second son Prince Viserys, had been kept at the Red Keep as the king’s squire, however, and he suffered for her flight. He died after nine days of questioning at the hands of Tyanna of the Tower.[1]

She served as Master of Whisperers on her husbands small council.[2]

She eventually confessed her responsibility for the abominations that were born of Maegor’s seed, claiming she had poisoned his other brides. She was killed by Maegor’s own hand in 48AC, her heart cut out with Blackfyre and thrown to his dogs.[1]

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