Battle at the Great Fork

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Battle at the Great Fork
Conflict Faith Militant uprising
Date 42 AC
Place Great Fork of the Blackwater
Result Victory for the Iron Throne
Iron Throne
Faith Militant
King Maegor I Targaryen
Big Jon Hogg
Ser Horys Hill
Lord Rupert Falwell
20,000 soldiers
20,000 men:
* ~13,000 Poor Fellows
* 200 Warrior's Sons
~6,800 men from the riverlands and westerlands[N 1]

A battle at the Great Fork of the Blackwater Rush was one of many battles fought between King Maegor I Targaryen and the Faith Militant during the Faith Militant uprising.


Thirteen thousand Poor Fellows and two hundred Warrior's Sons, led by Ser Horys Hill, joined nearly seven thousand household knights and feudal levies of a dozen rebel lords from the riverlands and westerlands, led by Lord Rupert Falwell, Alongside Rupert the Fighting Fool rode Ser Lyonel Lorch, Ser Alyn Terrick, Lord Tristifer Wayn, Lord Jon Lychester, and many other puissant knights.[1]

Maegor had a similar number of men, although he had near twice as many armored horse. The king also had numerous longbowmen and his dragon, Balerion.[1]


The two armies met at the Great Fork of the Blackwater Rush. During the battle, Lord Rupert killed two knights of the Kingsguard, but was himself slain by Lord Mooton of Maidenpool. Despite having been blinded by a sword early on in the battle, Big Jon Hogg led a charge which put the Poor Fellows to flight. King Maegor flew upon Balerion's back during the battle, and despite the rain, the dragon caused many deaths with its flames. The savage battle lasted until nightfall, ending in victory for Maegor.[2][1] The king returned to King's Landing and mutilated Wat the Hewer, who had been captured in the earlier battle at Stonebridge.[1]


  1. With a total strength of twenty thousand men, the contribution of the rebel lords from the riverlands and westerlands was six thousand eight hundred men (twenty thousand minus thirteen thousand Poor Fellows and two hundred Warrior's Sons).


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