Wat the Hewer

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Poor Fellows.png
Poor Fellows.png
Alias Wat the Hewer
Allegiance Faith of the Seven
Poor Fellows
Book(s) The Sons of the Dragon (mentioned)

Wat the Hewer was a leader of the Poor Fellows during the Faith Militant uprising. He fought with an axe.[1]


He was described as him as a "giant", on account of his large size and prowess.[1]


Wat the Hewer led the Poor Fellows out of the Reach on a march towards King's Landing in the Faith Militant uprising. During the battle at Stonebridge. He managed to kill half a dozen knights, including Lord Meadows, the commander of King Maegor I Targaryen's army, but was taken alive himself and delivered to King's Landing in chains.[1]

When brought before Kign Maegor I in King's Landing, the king cut off all of Wat's limbs with his own axe, then commanded his maesters to keep Wat alive so Wat could attend the king's wedding to Tyanna of the Tower. When Maegor later took Tyanna as his third wife on Rhaenys's Hill, surrounded by the remains of the Warrior's Sons who had died there when Maegor burned down the Sept of Remembrance, Wat was present as a witness.[1]


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