Burning of the Sept of Remembrance

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Burning of the Sept of Remembrance
Sept of Remembrance.jpg
Maegor burns the Sept of Remembrance, as depicted by Jordi Gonzalez in The World of Ice & Fire
Conflict Faith Militant uprising
Place Sept of Remembrance, Rhaenys's Hill, King's Landing
Result Iron Throne victory
House Targaryen.svgIron Throne/House Targaryen Star of the Faith.svg Faith of the Seven/Faith Militant
King Maegor I Targaryen Unknown
700 Warrior's Sons
No Survivors

The burning of the Sept of Remembrance was an event during the Faith Militant uprising, in which Maegor I destroyed the Sept of Remembrance, which served as the base of operations for the Warrior's Sons.


During the Faith Militant uprising, King Maegor I Targaryen was the only survivor of the trial of seven between him and Ser Damon Morrigen. The Warrior's Sons at the Sept of Remembrance debated as Maegor lay unconscious for weeks; some wanted to end the rebellion as the gods had supported Maegor, while others wanted to continue.[1]

Maegor awoke after being treated by Tyanna of the Tower.[1] On the thirtieth day after the trial, hundreds of Warrior's Sons gathered at the Sept for their morning prayers. Maegor mounted his dragon, Balerion, and unleashed dragonfire upon the Sept of Remembrance without warning. As the sept burned, some tried to flee, but were cut down by the archers and spearmen that Maegor had ready. It is said that the screams of the burning and dying men were heard throughout King's Landing. The burning was so immense that scholars claim there was a pall over the capital for seven days.[2]

Afterwards, Maegor had the ruins of the sept cleared, and ordered the construction of a large domed stable, the Dragonpit, where Targaryens could house their dragons.[2]


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