Damon Morrigen

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House Morrigen.svg Warrior's Sons.svg Star of the Faith.svg Ser
Damon Morrigen
the Devout
Damon Morrigen.png
Damon Morrigen as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Alias Damon the Devout
Culture Stormlander
Died 42 AC
King's Landing

Damon Morrigen, called Damon the Devout, was a pious knight from House Morrigen who was a devout member of the Warrior's Sons. He became Grand Captain of the Warrior's Sons, and led the chapter in King's Landing based at the Sept of Remembrance early in the Faith Militant uprising.[1][2]


After King Maegor I Targaryen was crowned and flew on Balerion to Visenya's Hill to raise his standard, his mother Dowager Queen Visenya challenged those who questioned her son's right to rule to prove themselves, a challenge that the Warrior's Sons accepted. Ser Damon proposed a trial of seven, as had been done in Andalos. A trial of seven took place with Damon and six of his Warrior's Sons against King Maegor and his six champions.[1][2]

Damon and his comrade Ser Willam the Wanderer were the last two of the Warrior's Sons standing against Maegor, whose champions had all been killed. Badly wounded, Damon fell to the king and Blackfyre.[2]


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Unknown Grand Captain of the Warrior's Sons
?–42 AC
Served under: High Septon
Succeeded by