House Terrick

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House Terrick
House Terrick.svg
Coat of arms Per saltire purple and gold, four hawks' heads countercharged
(Per saltire purpure and or, four hawks erased counterchanged)
Head Unknown
Region Riverlands

House Terrick is a noble house from the riverlands. According to semi-canon sources they blazon their arms with per saltire purple and gold, four hawks' heads countercharged.[1]


Ser Alyn Terrick participated in the battle at the Great Fork during the Faith Militant uprising.[2] Visenya Targaryen used Vhagar to set aflame in a single night the seats of Houses Terrick, Blanetree, Deddings, Lychester, and Wayn.[2]

House Terrick at the end of the third century

The known Terricks during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

  • no member has appeared yet.

Historical members


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