House Fisher

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House Fisher
House Fisher.svg
Coat of arms A crowned catfish, spotted grey, on blue
(Azure, a catfish cendrée, crowned or)
Seat Misty Isle
Head Extinct
Region Riverlands
Title River king
For the noble house from the north, see House Fisher of the Stony Shore.

House Fisher of the Misty Isle was a noble house from the Misty Isle in the riverlands. According to semi-canon sources they blazoned their arms with a crowned catfish, spotted grey, on blue.[1] It is unknown if they had any connection with House Fisher of the Stony Shore.


Some chronicles state the Fishers were the oldest dynasty of First Men river kings or the second dynasty, while the Annals of the Rivers from Peasedale suggest they were the third dynasty.[2] The Fishers were possibly destroyed in wars with the Storm Kings or the ironmen.[3] House Mudd ruled the Trident at some point after the Fishers.[4]

After the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon conquered the riverlands, various pretenders unsuccessfully claimed to be river kings. One such was Ser Lymond Fisher, Knight of Oldstones, although his lineage with the ancient Fishers is unconfirmed.[5]

Historical Members


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