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House Tully of Riverrun
House Tully.PNG
Coat of arms A leaping silver trout on a field of blue and mud red
(Paly wavy azure and gules, a trout embowed argent)
Words Family, Duty, Honor
Seat Exiled (formerly Riverrun)
Current Lord Edmure Tully (captive)
Region Riverlands
Title Lord of Riverrun
Lord Paramount of the Trident
Heir Robert Arryn
Overlord House Stark (formerly House Baratheon of King's Landing)

House Tully of Riverrun is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Lord Hoster Tully rules over the riverlands from the Tully seat of Riverrun. Their sigil is a silver trout leaping on a blue and red striped field, and their words are "Family, Duty, Honor."[1] Members of the family tend to have auburn hair, high cheekbones, and bright blue eyes.


Pre-Conquest Era

House Tully is an old noble house of First Men origin, dating back to the Age of Heroes.[2] Ser Edmure Tully and his sons were allies of Tristifer IV Mudd, the King of the Rivers and the Hills, but the Tullys knelt to the Andal conqueror Armistead Vance after Tristifer's death. Edmure's son Axel Tully received land at the junction of the Red Fork and the Tumblestone, where he constructed Riverrun.[3]

Unlike many Great Houses the Tullys never ruled as kings, but held Riverrun for a thousand years as powerful vassals of those who did. They often defended the Trident from the Kings of the Rock. Lord Elston Tully died supporting Lord Roderick Blackwood against King Humfrey I Teague.[3] Lord Tommen Tully futilely supported Lady Agnes Blackwood against King Harwyn Hoare, and Tommen's natural son Samwell Rivers was slain at the Tumblestone.

Targaryen Era

Riders of the Red Fork - Illustrated by Lin Bo. © Fantasy Flight Games.

House Tully rose to prominence during the War of Conquest, when Lord Edmyn Tully led the rebel river lords who deserted King Harren the Black and joined Aegon the Conqueror.[4] Following the burning of Harrenhal, Edmyn was rewarded with dominion over the riverlands as the Lord Paramount of the Trident. One of Edmyn's daughters married Lord Quenton Qoherys of Harrenhal, while Edmyn himself served two years as Hand of the King to King Aegon I. King Aenys I Targaryen relied on the Tullys during the rebellion of Harren the Red, and King Maegor I Targaryen was supported by the Tullys and the Harroways against Prince Aegon Targaryen in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye. The Tullys later supported Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen against Maegor.[3]

During the Dance of the Dragons, the Tullys ruled over, in name at least, the quarrelsome river lords.[5] The aged Grover Tully wanted to support the greens, but his grandson Elmo Tully and great-grandson Kermit Tully supported the blacks. Kermit slew Lord Borros Baratheon in the Battle of the Kingsroad.[5]

The Tullys were Targaryen loyalists during the Blackfyre Rebellions.[3] Lord Medgar Tully participated in the tourney at Ashford Meadow, where he challenged Ser Humfrey Hardyng in his first tilt but was defeated. Two years later, during the reign of Aerys I Targaryen, there was a new Lord Tully, a boy of eight (in 211 AC). He was surrounded by women, indicating he had no brothers or uncles.

Recent History

Given the riverlands' geographic vulnerability, House Tully has ever sought alliances in case of invasion. Lord Hoster Tully sought to wed his brother, Ser Brynden Tully, hero of the War of the Ninepenny Kings, to Bethany Redwyne, but Brynden would have none of it. This began a years-long quarrel between the two, for which Brynden earned the moniker "Blackfish". Hoster also took a ward, Petyr Baelish, then an obscure lordling from the Fingers. Petyr fell in love with Lord Tully's eldest daughter, Catelyn, but was rebuffed. As consolation he took the virginity of Lysa, Hoster's other daughter. Hoster forbade Petyr from marrying either of his daughters due to his low standing, and ordered Lysa to drink moon tea to prevent her from bearing Petyr's child. Hoster accepted an offer from Lord Tywin Lannister to wed Ser Jaime Lannister to Lysa, but Jaime unexpectedly joined the Kingsguard before this could occur. Hoster rebuffed Tywin's offer of his younger son, Tyrion, as a replacement. Other prospects existed from House Brax and others, but Hoster finally accepted an offer from Lord Rickard Stark that Catelyn be betrothed to Brandon Stark, heir to Winterfell. Petyr Baelish dueled Brandon for Catelyn's favor, resulting in his exile from Riverrun.

The executions of Brandon and Rickard by King Aerys II Targaryen complicated matters, but Lord Hoster threw in with the ensuing rebellion of Lord Robert Baratheon against Targaryen rule, arranging for Catelyn to wed Brandon's brother, Lord Eddard Stark, and for Lysa to marry Lord Jon Arryn. The riverlands was a major theater in Robert's Rebellion, and Lord Hoster fought in the Battle of the Bells and crushed the royalist houses of Goodbrook, Darry, Mooton, and Ryger. His control over his bannermen was not complete; aside from these recalcitrant houses, House Frey delayed their contribution until after the decisive Battle of the Trident, itself fought in the riverlands. After the war, the Tully girls rode off to their husbands' seats, with Ser Brynden accompanying Lysa to the Vale of Arryn to serve as Knight of the Gate.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

House Tully Septon by Nacho Molina. © Fantasy Flight Games.

Lord Hoster Tully is an old man, afflicted with an illness which has left him a bed-ridden invalid. His responsibilities fall on his son and heir, Ser Edmure Tully. After the unexpected death of her husband, Jon Arryn, Lysa sends a coded message from the Eyrie to Catelyn Tully warning her of the Lannisters. When Catelyn later sails to King's Landing to speak with her husband, Eddard Stark, about an attempt on their son Bran's life, Petyr Baelish (now Master of Coin) says that the dagger used was Tyrion Lannister's.

On her return to Winterfell, Catelyn captures Tyrion and brings him to her sister at the Eyrie for trial. Lord Tywin Lannister sends raiders to the riverlands in retaliation and calls his banners to Lannisport. The Tullys send survivors of the raids along with a highborn delegation to beseech the Iron Throne for justice. Meanwhile, Edmure sends a defensive force to the border of the westerlands, but they are crushed beneath the Golden Tooth by Ser Jaime Lannister, who goes on to capture Edmure, scattering his forces and besieging the Tully seat.

Meanwhile Lysa's champion, Vardis Egen, loses a trial by combat and Tyrion goes free. Lysa refuses to commit the Vale's forces to the war against the Lannisters. Ser Brynden the Blackfish, disgusted by her behavior, rides off to join Catelyn's son, Robb Stark, in defending Riverrun. Robb, through a brilliant maneuver, captures Jaime the Kingslayer. Brynden commands the party of men that draws Jaime out of his encampment and into the Battle of the Whispering Wood. Robb then breaks the siege of Riverrun with an ambitious surprise attack led by Brynden. Lord Tytos Blackwood, commanding the garrison in Riverrun, leads a sortie against the Lannister rear and rescues Edmure. After this Battle of the Camps, in the great hall of Riverrun, the river lords and northmen proclaim Robb King in the North.[6] Meanwhile, King Joffrey has named Lord Hoster, Ser Edmure and Ser Brynden among the nobles who must swear fealty to him or be declared traitors, forfeiting their lands and titles.[7]

A Clash of Kings

Ser Brynden reconciles with his dying brother Hoster before riding off with Robb, King of the Trident, in his westerlands campaign. He commands the outriders, and leads the van in smashing a third Lannister host in the Battle of Oxcross. Catelyn rides south to treat with Renly Baratheon, but Renly is killed at Storm's End just after they secure an alliance. Ser Edmure stays behind in the riverlands. He takes in smallfolk from across the riverlands in an effort to guard them from Lannister raiders, but this reduces Riverrun's stores. He unwittingly foils Robb's strategy by denying Lord Tywin's crossing of the Trident. After she hears of the supposed deaths of two of her sons, Bran and Rickon, Catelyn creates another complication by releasing Jaime Lannister from captivity in Riverrun. She tasks Brienne of Tarth with bringing Jaime to King's Landing in an effort to free her daughters, Sansa and Arya.

For his service allying House Tyrell with the Lannisters and House Baratheon of King's Landing, Lord Petyr Baelish is named Lord Paramount of the Trident by King Joffrey I Baratheon after the Battle of the Blackwater. According to the Iron Throne, Petyr replaces the rebellious Hoster as liege lord of the riverlands.[8]

A Storm of Swords

In his last weeks, Lord Hoster slips into delirium, and recalls with regret his order for Lysa to abort Petyr Baelish's child. Edmure and Catelyn (now on house arrest) are with him as his life ends, but their calls for Lysa to attend go unanswered. She remains in the Vale, where she marries Petyr Baelish. On Hoster's death, Edmure becomes Lord of Riverrun in title as well as fact. In accordance with traditional Tully funeral rites, Hoster's body is sent in a boat down the river by seven pallbearing bannermen, and the boat is set alight by a flaming arrow shot by his heir, although the Blackfish has to step in for Edmure.

Robb, having returned to Riverrun from the west, has wed Jeyne Westerling, a lesser Lannister vassal, thereby breaking his marriage contract with House Frey. To make up for his frustrating Robb's strategy, Edmure agrees to marry a Frey in his stead. The Blackfish is named Warden of the Southern Marches and holds Riverrun while the others attend the wedding. When discussing the possibility of ransoming Arya Stark to the Blackfish, the singer Tom of Sevenstreams says that the Tullys are a sour, suspicious lot.[9]

While at the Twins for Edmure's marriage to Roslin Frey, the Tullys and Starks are betrayed by the Freys and the Boltons in the Red Wedding. Catelyn, Robb, and many others are murdered under guest right. In mockery of the Tully funeral customs, Catelyn is thrown naked from the castle walls into the river. Lord Edmure is captured and House Tully is stripped of its lands, titles, and incomes. The lordship of Riverrun and its associated lands and incomes are given to the newly established House Frey of Riverrun, though House Tully's status as overlords of the riverlands has already passed to their former ward, Petyr Baelish, now Lord of Harrenhal.[10]

Ser Brynden is besieged by Freys at Riverrun, one of the last anti-Lannister strongholds in the south. Meanwhile Lysa is thrown to her death by her new husband, Petyr Baelish. Catelyn's corpse is found by the outlaw lord Beric Dondarrion, who gives his own life to breathe life into her - of a sort. The new Catelyn, who is known as Lady Stoneheart, takes leadership of Beric's brotherhood without banners and goes on a campaign of vengeance, killing anyone she finds associated with the Red Wedding.

A Feast for Crows

At Riverrun, Brynden withstands daily threats that Edmure will be hanged. Finally Jaime Lannister arrives and negotiates an end to the siege - but not before Brynden is able to escape to parts unknown. Edmure is to be held in genteel captivity at Casterly Rock, with his wife Roslin slated to join him after she gives birth.

House Tully at the end of the third century

The known Tullys during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:




Historical Members

Formerly Sworn Houses


Let the kings of winter have their cold crypt under the earth. The Tullys drew their strength from the river, and it was to the river they returned when their lives had run their course.[14]
- thoughts of Catelyn Tully

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