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A dwarf is a person with dwarfism.


Some cultures, both in Westeros and Essos, do not suffer dwarfs to live, such as the Dothraki, the free folk and, in the past, the people of the Three Sisters. Septons halted the Sistermen's practice of casting dwarfs into the Bite as sacrifices to their gods, however.[1]

Dwarfs are often employed as motleyed fools and jesters.[2] Dwarfs are sometimes featured in grotesqueries.[3] Mummer's troupes are expected to have a dwarf.[4]

Some dwarfs refer to people of normal stature as "big folk" or "big people".[5]

Known Dwarfs


Cersei: Father, I beg you to put him in fetters, for your own protection. You see how he is.
Oberyn: I see he's a dwarf. The day I fear a dwarf's wrath is the day I drown myself in a cask of red.[6]

You are insolent. I like that in a dwarf.[7]

When there were kings on the Sisters, we did not suffer dwarfs to live. We cast them all into the sea, as an offering to the gods. The septons made us stop that. A pack of pious fools. Why would the gods give a man such a shape but to mark him as a monster?[1]

The gods made you a dwarf. Must you be a fool as well? You were born a lion, not a monkey.[3]

You mustn't mock him. Don't you know anything? You can't talk that way to a big person. They can hurt you. Ser Jorah could have tossed you in the sea. The sailors would have laughed to see you drown. You have to be careful around big people. Be jolly and playful with them, keep them smiling, make them laugh, that's what my father always said. Didn't your father ever tell you how to act with big people?[5]

You're brave. Little people can be brave.[8]