Battle of the Camps

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Battle of the Camps
Battle of the Camps.png
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 298AL
Place Riverrun
Result Stark / Tully victory
House Lannister House Stark
House Tully
Lord Andros Brax+
Ser Forley Prester
Lord Robb Stark
Lord Tytos Blackwood
Ser Brynden Tully
12,000 foot and 500-750 horse in three camps. Roughly 6,000
Garrison of Riverrun
Roughly 8,000 foot. Freeriders defected to Robb Stark.
Andros Brax+
not significant

The Battle of the Camps was a great victory for Houses Stark and Tully, smashing the House Lannister force that encircled Riverrun and allowing the Riverlords to join their forces with those of the north.



After defeating one Tully army at the Golden Tooth, Ser Jaime Lannister led his host of westermen against Riverrun, where he routed another Riverlands force at Riverrun and captured Ser Edmure Tully. The rivermen that did not retreat to their own castles holed up inside Riverrun, under Lord Tytos Blackwood in place of the ailing Hoster Tully. Beginning a siege, Ser Jaime was harassed by raiders under Ser Marq Piper and Lord Karyl Vance. While dealing with what he thought was another such attack, Jaime was ambushed and captured by Robb Stark's cavalry in the Battle of the Whispering Wood. Having had their outriders and scouts eliminated, the Lannister force was unaware of their commander's defeat or of Robb's army's approach, and was still divided in three camps in order to besiege Riverrun properly.

The Battle

Ser Brynden Tully, leading Robb's van, attacked the Lannister camp north of the Tumblestone. His force cleared palisades and finished off any remaining scouts. The sleeping, leaderless camp was overrun. Men from the other camps, roused by the noise, soon attempted to come to the aid of the camp under attack. Lord Brax led his men to the rafts and attempted to make a crossing. Riverrun began pelting the rafts with thrown rocks, and soon the rafts were flipping and sinking. Among those killed on the rafts was Lord Brax.[1]

The camp between the rivers was overrun too, this time by men led by Robb Stark, Lord Umber and members of House Mallister coming in from the west. The Lannister force attempted to form a shieldwall, but were taken in the rear by a sortie from Riverrun led by Lord Blackwood.[1]

Lord Umber fired the siege towers and Lord Blackwood released the prisoners taken in the Battle of Riverrun.[1]


The eastern camp of the Lannister force of roughly 2,000 spears and as many bowmen was left unmolested and retreated in good order back to the Golden Tooth, under the command of Ser Forley Prester. A Tyroshi sellsword who led the Lannister freeriders struck his banners and switched sides.[1]


Hoster: I saw. Last night, when it began, I told them . . . had to see. They carried me to the gatehouse . . . watched from the battlements. Ah, that was beautiful . . . the torches came in a wave, I could hear the cries floating across the river . .’. sweet cries . . . when that siege tower went up, gods . . . would have died then, and glad, if only I could have seen you children first. Was it your boy who did it? Was it your Robb?”

Catelyn: Yes, It was Robb . . . and Brynden. Your brother is here as well, my lord.[2]

- Hoster Tully to Catelyn

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