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Forley Prester
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Forley Prester, by SquisherKing

Title Ser
Allegiance House Prester
Culture Westermen

Forley Prester is a knight of House Prester. He is a cousin to Garrison Prester, Lord of Feastfires.

Appearance and Character

Forley is short and hard, with a pinched nose, a bald pate and grizzled brown beard.[1] Ser Jaime Lannister thinks the capable Forley resembles an innkeeper.[1]

The knight's surcoat depicts a bull's head, and his helmet has horns.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Forley serves in Ser Jaime Lannister's host when war breaks out, taking part in the battle in the hills below the Golden Tooth and the battle under the walls of Riverrun. When Robb Stark smashes Jaime's host in the Battle of the Camps, Forley commands the southern camp. Upon seeing that the other two besieging camps are lost, Forley retreats in good order, saving two thousand spearmen and as many bowmen. The Tyroshi sellsword leading Forley's freeriders strikes his banners and goes over to Robb, however.[2]

A Clash of Kings

Forley is stationed at the Golden Tooth.[3] According to a semi-canon source, Forley sends many of his veterans to Ser Stafford Lannister at Oxcross, to augment and help train the inexperienced levies comprising Stafford's forces.[4] Stafford and many of his men are killed in the Battle of Oxcross, however, by the host of Robb Stark, the new King in the North.[5]

A Storm of Swords

Once Ser Daven Lannister, Stafford's son, reforms Oxcross survivors who have gathered in Lannisport, he is to link up with Forley at the Golden Tooth and prepare to march on the riverlands.[6] They are tasked with attacking Riverrun after Robb is killed in the Red Wedding.[7]

A Feast for Crows

During the siege of Riverrun, Forley and Emmon Frey are encamped south of the Red Fork with remnants of Ser Jaime Lannister's former command and river lords who have bent the knee to King Tommen I Baratheon.[8] When Jaime arrives to resolve the siege, Forley is made part of his war council. Forley is skeptical of Ser Lyle Crakehall's suggestion to end the siege by dueling Ser Brynden Tully, who holds Riverrun.[9]

Lord Edmure Tully has Riverrun surrender to the royal forces, but Brynden the Blackfish escapes in the night. Jaime gives Forley command of the escort taking Edmure to captivity in Casterly Rock. Jaime initially gives Forley a hundred men, including twenty knights, but then doubles the force in case they come under attack by the Blackfish. The Westerlings and Whitesmile Wat also join Forley's column returning to the westerlands. Jaime advises Forley to keep archers near Jeyne Westerling, since she is the widowed queen of Robb Stark. Forley is told to kill Edmure and Jeyne if they try to escape.[1]

After Forley departs, Jaime thinks the able knight would make a good choice as Hand of the King for Tommen.[1]

Quotes by Forley

Scouts and outriders will screen our march, and we'll fortify our camps by night. I have picked ten men to stay with Tully day and night, my best longbowmen. If he should ride so much as a foot off the road, they will loose so many shafts at him that his own mother would take him for a goose.[1]

—Forley to Jaime Lannister

Quotes about Forley

Though he bore a bull's head upon his surcoat and horns upon his helm, Ser Forley could not have been less bovine.[1]

—thoughts of Jaime Lannister

Like most innkeeps, Ser Forley was no man's fool.[1]

—thoughts of Jaime Lannister