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The Appendix is a quick-glance site for information on the characters. Within the appendix is the list of characters and their general associations.

Appendix - The Kings And Their Courts


JOFFREY BARATHEON, the First of His Name, a boy of thirteen years, the eldest son of King Robert I Baratheon and Queen Cersei of House Lannister,

  • his mother, QUEEN CERSEI, Queen Regent and Protector of the Realm,
  • his sister, PRINCESS MYRCELLA, a girl of nine,
  • his brother, PRINCE TOMMEN, a boy of eight, heir to the Iron Throne,
  • his uncles, on his father's side:
  • his uncles, on his mother's side:
  • Tyrion's squire, PODRICK PAYNE,
  • Tyrion's guards and sworn swords:
  • Tyrion's concubine, SHAE, a camp follower, eighteen,
  • his small council:
  • his Kingsguard:
  • his court and retainers:
  • FALYSE, her elder daughter,
  • LOLLYS, her younger daughter, a maiden of thirty-three years,
  • the people of King's Landing:
  • the City Watch (the "gold cloaks"):
  • MORROS, his eldest son and heir,

King Joffrey's banner shows the crowned stag of Baratheon, black on gold, and the lion of Lannister, gold on crimson, combatant.


STANNIS BARATHEON, the First of His Name, the older of King Robert's brothers, formerly Lord of Dragonstone, secondborn son of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana of House Estermont,

  • SHIREEN, their only child, a girl of ten,
  • his uncle and cousins:
  • his court and retainers:
  • his wife MARYA, a carpenter's daughter,
  • their seven sons:
  • his lords bannermen and sworn swords,

King Stannis has taken for his banner the fiery heart of the Lord of Light; a red heart surrounded by orange flames upon a bright yellow field. Within the heart is pictured the crowned stag of House Baratheon, in black.


RENLY BARATHEON, the First of His Name, the younger of King Robert's brothers, formerly Lord of Storm's End, thirdborn son of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana of House Estermont,

  • his lords bannermen:
  • his Rainbow Guard:
  • his knights and sworn swords:
  • his household,
  • MAESTER JURNE, counselor, healer, and tutor.

King Renly's banner is the crowned stag of House Baratheon of Storm's End, black upon a gold field, the same banner flown by his brother King Robert.


ROBB STARK, Lord of Winterfell and King in the North, eldest son of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, and Lady Catelyn of House Tully, a boy of fifteen years,

  • his direwolf, GREY WIND,
  • his mother, LADY CATELYN, of House Tully,
  • his siblings:
  • PRINCESS SANSA, a maid of twelve,
  • Sansa's direwolf, {LADY}, killed at Castle Darry,
  • PRINCESS ARYA, a girl of ten,
  • Arya's direwolf, NYMERIA, driven off a year past,
  • PRINCE BRANDON, called Bran, heir to Winterfell and the North, a boy of eight,
  • his uncles and aunts:
  • the household at Riverrun:
  • the household at Winterfell:
  • BETH, his young daughter,
  • WALDER FREY, called BIG WALDER, a ward of Lady Catelyn, eight years of age,
  • WALDER FREY, called LITTLE WALDER, a ward of Lady Catelyn, also eight,
  • SEPTON CHAYLE, keeper of the castle sept and library,
  • JOSETH, master of horse,
  • OLD NAN, storyteller, once a wet nurse, now very aged,
  • HODOR, her great-grandson, a simpleminded stableboy,
  • TURNIP, a pot girl and scullion,
  • OSHA, a wildling woman taken captive in the wolfswood, serving as kitchen drudge,
  • his lords bannermen and commanders:
  • (with Robb at Riverrun)
  • (with Roose Bolton's host at the Twins),
  • (in the field or at their own castles),
  • his lord bannermen and castellans in the north:
  • Howland's daughter, MEERA, a maid of fifteen,
  • Howland's son, JOJEN, a boy of thirteen,
  • Leobald's wife, BERENA of House Hornwood,
  • Leobald's son, BRANDON, a boy of fourteen,
  • Leobald's son, BEREN, a boy of ten,
  • Ser Helman's son, BENFRED, heir to Torrhen's Square,
  • Ser Helman's daughter, EDDARA, a maid of nine,
  • LADY SYBELLE, wife to Robett Glover, holding Deepwood Motte in his absence,
  • Robett's son, GAWEN, three, heir to Deepwood,
  • Robett's daughter, ERENA, a babe of one,
  • LARENCE SNOW, a bastard son of Lord Hornwood, aged twelve, ward of Galbart Glover,

The banner of the King in the North remains as it has for thousands of years: the grey direwolf of the Starks of Winterfell, running across an ice-white field.


DAENERYS TARGARYEN, called Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi of the Dothraki, and First of Her Name, sole surviving child of King Aerys II Targaryen by his sister/wife, Queen Rhaella, a widow at fourteen years,

  • {RHAEGAR}, Prince of Dragonstone and heir to the Iron Throne, slain by King Robert on the Trident,
  • {RHAENYS}, Rhaegar's daughter by Elia of Dorne, murdered during the Sack of King's Landing,
  • {AEGON}, Rhaegar's son by Elia of Dorne, murdered during the Sack of King's Landing,
  • {VISERYS}, styling himself King Viserys, the Third of His Name, called the Beggar King, slain in Vaes Dothrak by the hand of Khal Drogo,
  • her husband {DROGO}, a khal of the Dothraki, died of wounds gone bad,
  • her Queensguard:
  • her handmaids:
  • IRRI, a Dothraki girl,
  • JHIQUI, a Dothraki girl,
  • DOREAH, a Lyseni slave, formerly a whore,
  • the three seekers:
  • ILLYRIO MOPATIS, a magister of the Free City of Pentos, who arranged to wed Daenerys to Khal Drogo and conspired to restore Viserys to the Iron Throne.

The banner of the Targaryens is the banner of Aegon the Conqueror, who conquered six of the Seven Kingdoms, founded the dynasty, and made the Iron Throne from the swords of his conquered enemies: a three-headed dragon, red on black.



House Arryn declared for none of the rival claimants at the outbreak of the war, and kept its strength back to protect the Eyrie and the Vale of Arryn. The Arryn sigil is the moon-and-falcon, white, upon a sky-blue field. Their Arryn words are As High As Honor.

ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, Warden of the East, a sickly boy of eight years,

  • Lord Nestor's son, SER ALBAR,
  • MYA STONE, a bastard girl in his service, natural daughter of King Robert,
  • his lords bannermen, suitors, and retainers:
  • LORD NESTOR ROYCE, brother of Lord Yohn, High Steward of the Vale,
  • Lord Nestor's son and heir, SER ALBAR,
  • Lord Nestor's daughter, MYRANDA,


The Florents of Brightwater Keep are sworn bannermen to Highgarden, and followed the Tyrells in declaring for King Renly. They also kept a foot in the other camp, however, since Stannis's queen is a Florent, and her uncle the castellan of Dragonstone. The sigil of House Florent shows a fox head in a circle of flowers.

ALESTER FLORENT, Lord of Brightwater,

  • his siblings:


Powerful, wealthy, and numerous, the Freys are bannermen to House Tully, their swords sworn to the service of Riverrun, but they have not always been diligent in performing their duty. When Robert Baratheon met Rhaegar Targaryen on the Trident, the Freys did not arrive until the battle was done, and thereafter Lord Hoster Tully always called Lord Walder "the Late Lord Frey." Lord Frey agreed to support the cause of the King in the North only after Robb Stark agreed to a betrothal, promising to marry one of his daughters or granddaughters after the war was done. Lord Walder has known ninety-one name days, but only recently took his eighth wife, a girl seventy years his junior. It is said of him that he is the only lord in the Seven Kingdoms who could field an army out of his breeches.

WALDER FREY, Lord of the Crossing,

  • Edwyn's daughter, WALDA, a girl of eight,
  • Petyr's daughter, PERRA, a girl of five,
  • m. {Jeyne Lydden, died in a fall from a horse},
  • Stevron's son, AEGON, a halfwit called JINGLEBELL,
  • Stevron's daughter, {MAEGELLE, died in childbed},
  • Walton's son, STEFFON, called THE SWEET,
  • Walton's daughter, WALDA, called FAIR WALDA,
  • Walton's son, BRYAN, a squire,
  • Cleos's son, TYWIN, a squire of eleven,
  • Cleos's son, WILLEM, a page at Ashemark,
  • Rhaegar's son, ROBERT, a boy of thirteen,
  • Rhaegar's daughter, WALDA, a girl of ten, called WHITE WALDA,
  • Rhaegar's son, JONOS, a boy of eight,
  • by his second wife, {LADY CYRENNA, of House Swann}:
  • Tytos's daughter, ZIA, a maid of fourteen,
  • Tytos's son, ZACHERY, a boy of twelve, training at the Sept of Oldtown,
  • Arwood's daughter, RYELLA, a girl of five,
  • Arwood's twin sons, ANDROW and ALYN, three,
  • {Many stillbirths and miscarriages},
  • Raymund's son, ROBERT, sixteen, in training at the Citadel in Oldtown,
  • Raymund's son, MALWYN, fifteen, apprenticed to an alchemist in Lys,
  • Raymund's twin daughters, SERRA and SARRA, maiden girls of fourteen,
  • Raymund's daughter, CERSEI, six, called LITTLE BEE,
  • Lothar's daughter, TYSANE, a girl of seven,
  • Lothar's daughter, WALDA, a girl of four,
  • Lothar's daughter, EMBERLEI, a girl of two,
  • Whalen's son, HOSTER, a boy of twelve, a squire to Ser Damon Paege,
  • Whalen's daughter, MERIANNE, called MERRY, a girl of eleven,
  • TYTA, called TYTA THE MAID, a maid of twenty-nine,
  • no progeny,
  • Benfrey's daughter, DELLA, called DEAF DELLA, a girl of three,
  • Benfrey's son, OSMUND, a boy of two,
  • no progeny as yet,
  • Lord Walder's natural children, by sundry mothers,


Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, previously led a rebellion against the Iron Throne, put down by King Robert and Lord Eddard Stark. Though his son Theon, raised at Winterfell, was one of Robb Stark's supporters and closest companions, Lord Balon did not join the northmen when they marched south into the riverlands.

The Greyjoy sigil is a golden kraken upon a black field. Their words are We Do Not Sow.

BALON GREYJOY, Lord of the Iron islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Pyke, captain of the Great Kraken,

  • his brothers:
  • his household on Pyke:
  • his lords bannermen,


The Lannisters of Casterly Rock remain the principal support of King Joffrey's claim to the Iron Throne. Their sigil is a golden lion upon a crimson field. The Lannister words are Hear Me Roar!

TYWIN LANNISTER, Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, Shield of Lannisport, and Hand of the King, commanding the Lannister host at Harrenhal,

  • his siblings:
  • SER KEVAN, his eldest brother,
  • their children:
  • SER LANCEL, formerly a squire to King Robert, knighted after his death,
  • WILLEM, twin to Martyn, a squire, taken captive at the Whispering Wood,
  • MARTYN, twin to Willem, a squire,
  • JANEI, a girl of two,
  • Genna's son, SER CLEOS FREY, taken captive at the Whispering Wood,
  • Genna's son, TION FREY, a squire, taken captive at the Whispering Wood,
  • {SER TYGETT}, his second brother, died of a pox,
  • {GERION}, his youngest brother, lost at sea,
  • Gerion's bastard daughter, JOY, eleven,
  • his lord bannermen, captains, and commanders:


Dorne was the last of the Seven Kingdoms to swear fealty to the Iron Throne. Blood, custom, and history all set the Dornishmen apart from the other kingdoms. When the war of succession broke out, the Prince of Dorne kept his silence and took no part.

The Martell banner is a red sun pierced by a golden spear. Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

DORAN NYMEROS MARTELL, Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne,

  • PRINCESS ARIANNE, their eldest daughter, heir to Sunspear,
  • PRINCE QUENTYN, their eldest son,
  • PRINCE TRYSTANE, their younger son,
  • his siblings:
  • Elia's daughter, {PRINCESS RHAENYS}, a young girl murdered during the Sack of King's Landing,
  • Elia's son, {PRINCE AEGON}, a babe, murdered during the Sack of King's Landing,
  • his brother, PRINCE OBERYN, the Red Viper,
  • his household:
  • AREO HOTAH, a Norvoshi sellsword, captain of guards,
  • MAESTER CALEOTTE, counselor, healer, and tutor,
  • his lords bannermen:

The principal houses sworn to Sunspear include Jordayne, Santagar, Allyrion, Toland, Yronwood, Wyl, Fowler, and Dayne.


Lord Tyrell of Highgarden declared his support for King Renly after Renly's marriage to his daughter Margaery, and brought most of his principal bannermen to Renly's cause. The Tyrell sigil is a golden rose on a grass-green field. Their words are Growing Strong.

MACE TYRELL, Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, High Marshal of the Reach, and Hand of the King,

  • WILLAS, their eldest son, heir to Highgarden,
  • SER GARLAN, called the GALLANT, their second son,
  • SER LORAS, the Knight of Flowers, their youngest son, Lord Commander of the Rainbow Guard,
  • MARGAERY, their daughter, a maid of fifteen years, recently wed to Renly Baratheon,
  • his widowed mother, LADY OLENNA of House Redwyne, called the QUEEN OF THORNS,
  • his sisters:
  • his uncles:
  • GARTH, called the GROSS, Lord Seneschal of Highgarden,
  • SER MORYN, Lord Commander of the City Watch of Oldtown,
  • MAESTER GORMON, a scholar of the Citadel,
  • his household:


The Night's Watch protects the realm, and is sworn to take no part in civil wars and contests for the throne. Traditionally, in times of rebellion, they do honor to all kings and obey none.

At Castle Black

JEOR MORMONT, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, called the OLD BEAR,

  • his steward and squire, JON SNOW, the bastard of Winterfell, called LORD SNOW,
  • Jon's white direwolf, GHOST,
  • CONWY, GUEREN, "wandering crows," recruiters who collect orphan boys and criminals for the Wall,
  • YOREN, the senior of the "wandering crows,"

At Eastwatch-by-the-Sea

COTTER PYKE, Commander, Eastwatch,

At the Shadow Tower

SER DENYS MALLISTER, Commander, Shadow Tower,