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Dontos Hollard
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Alias Dontos the Red
Dontos the Drunk
Title Ser
Allegiance House Hollard
Born In or between 261 AC and 263 AC[1], at near Duskendale
Died In 300 AC, at Blackwater Bay
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Played by Tony Way
TV series Season 2 | Season 4

Ser Dontos Hollard is a knight from House Hollard, at court in King's Landing.

Appearance and Character

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Dontos is a portly, average-looking man. He is usually drunk.[2]


Dontos is the only surviving member of House Hollard. House Hollard was a close ally and vassal of House Darklyn. As a result of the Defiance of Duskendale, both houses were destroyed and their blood exterminated. Only young Dontos was spared because Ser Barristan Selmy asked for clemency. As Barristan had rescued the king during the Defiance, Aerys II Targaryen granted his wish.[3]

Young Dontos was taken to King's Landing to serve as a squire. He never returned to Duskendale.[3]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Dontos stays at court in King's Landing during the War of the Five Kings.[2]

A Clash of Kings

Tony Way as Dontos Hollard in Game of Thrones

Intending to ride in the tourney for King Joffrey's 13th Name Day, Dontos's first match is against Lothor Brune. However, Dontos is too drunk, arriving in the lists unarmored and hardly clothed. King Joffrey Baratheon takes this as a personal insult and commands that Dontos be put to death via drowning in a cask of wine. However, the pleading of Sansa Stark saves his life and Dontos is stripped of his knighthood and made a fool in motley instead.[4]

After secretly being contacted by Petyr Baelish,[5] Dontos leaves Sansa a note and promises to help her escape. Drawing inspiration from the tales of Florian and Jonquil, he pleads to serve her and asks for patience for they can only escape at the right time.[6]

A Storm of Swords

Several meetings in the godswood later, Sansa tells Ser Dontos of the plot to marry her to Willas Tyrell. Dontos tells Sansa that she will be freed the night of Joffrey's wedding and gives her a hairnet laced with amethysts. Dontos attends the marriage of Sansa to Tyrion Lannister, where he is used as a footstool by Tyrion when he goes to place his cloak around the shoulders of Sansa.[7] After the death of King Joffrey - poisoned with the Strangler contained in one of the amethysts of Sansa's hairnet - at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell, Dontos takes Sansa away during the confusion.[8]

Ser Dontos escapes the Red Keep with Sansa and delivers her to Petyr Baelish, who had been waiting for them on a ship in Blackwater Bay. Once Sansa has been rowed out and delivered onto the ship, Dontos asks for his payment of 10,000 golden dragons, as promised by Petyr. Instead, Petyr orders Dontos killed. Three men step onto the gunwale, raise their crossbows, and fire. One bolt takes Dontos in the chest, while the others rip into his throat and belly. When it is done Ser Lothor Brune tosses a torch on top of the corpse, burying the secret with the drunkard. Petyr justifies the murder to Sansa by claiming that once Dontos had spent his gold, he would have sold the information he had about her to another party.[8]

Quotes by Dontos

I know it’s queer, but… all those years I was a knight, I was truly a fool, and now that I am a fool I think… I think I may find it in me to be a knight again, sweet lady. And all because of you… your grace, your courage. You saved me, not only from Joffrey, but from myself.[4]
– Dontos, to Sansa Stark

Dontos: I lose. Fetch me some wine.
Joffrey: A cask from the cellars! I’ll see him drowned in it.[6]
– Dontos and Joffrey Baratheon

Quotes about Dontos

A skin of wine with legs.[6]
Petyr Baelish

A sot, and no man’s friend.[8]
Petyr Baelish


Denys Darklyn
Serala of Myr
Other Siblings
Unknown Sister
Jon Hollard
Steffon Hollard
Symon Hollard
Robin Hollard
Unknown son
Dontos Hollard

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