Tourney on King Joffrey's name day

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The tourney on King Joffrey's name day is held in the Red Keep in King's Landing to celebrate the 13th name day of the new king, Joffrey I. Due to the War of the Five Kings, the tourney draws no great champions, with Sandor Clegane calling them "gnats" and refusing to participate. It ends shortly after it begins, upon the arrival of Tyrion Lannister.[1]

The Joust

Ser Dontos is too drunk to joust. King Joffrey Baratheon means to kill him, opting to drown him with a cask of wine from the cellars when Dontos asks for wine, but Sansa Stark pleads for his life, formulating a lie about it being bad luck to kill a man on your nameday. Though sceptical of her claims, Joffrey believes her when his guard, Sandor Clegane agrees with Sansa Stark. Joffrey agrees to spare Dontos' life for a day, calling him a fool. Sansa Stark convinces Joffrey that Dontos is indeed a fool, and that Joffrey should declare him such, forcing the man to wear motley and serve as a court fool, to which Joffrey agrees. Joffrey then declares the tourney to be over.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Tommen Baratheon is allowed to fight a straw knight. He rides against the straw man twice, being knocked to the ground the first time. The second time is interrupted by the arrival of Tyrion Lannister.[1]



Ser Dontos Hollard, thereafter no longer a knight, owes his life to Sansa.[1] As a result, she trusts him when he offers to help her escape King's Landing.[2]