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House Redwyne of the Arbor
House Redwyne2.png
Coat of arms Azure, a grape cluster proper
Seat The Arbor
Current Lord Paxter Redwyne
Region The Reach
Title Lord of the Arbor
King of the Arbor (formerly)
Heir Ser Horas Redwyne
Overlord House Tyrell
Founder Gilbert of the Vines

House Redwyne of the Arbor is one of the main noble houses sworn to Highgarden[1]. Their seat is the Arbor, an island south of the Whispering Sound. Redwyne is a powerful house with strong ties to the Tyrells, and the Redwyne fleet provides a significant portion of the fleet of the Reach, owning 200 warships and five times as many merchant vessels.

Their blazon is a burgundy grape cluster on blue, symbolizing the famed wines of the Arbor.[2][3] The motto has not been mentioned in the books. Members of the house tend to be freckled and red of hair.

The current Lord of the Arbor, Paxter Redwyne, is married to his cousin, Mina Tyrell, the sister of his liege, Lord Mace Tyrell. His elderly aunt, Olenna Redwyne, the "Queen of Thorns", is the mother of Mace and Mina, and is a schemer par excellence. Besides their marital ties, Lady Olenna's influence over House Tyrell gives the Redwynes a strong voice in the Reach.


The Redwynes claim descent from Gilbert of the Vines, a legendary son of Garth Greenhand.[4] House Redwyne ruled over the Arbor as Kings of the Arbor until its last king was lost at sea, allowing his cousin, King Meryn III Gardener, to make the isle part of the Kingdom of the Reach.[5] Fleets from the Arbor and Oldtown protected the Reach from naval attacks during the Andal invasion.[6]

During the Dance of the Dragons, the Arbor declared for the greens.[7]

Bethany Redwyne was to have married Brynden Tully, but he refused the match and she was wed to Lord Mathis Rowan instead. On the journey to Casterly Rock for the brokerage of their marriages, Prince Oberyn and Princess Elia Martell visited the Arbor.

During the War of the Usurper, Lord Paxter Redwyne joined his cousin-goodbrother, Mace Tyrell, in staying loyal to King Aerys II Targaryen. His main contribution to the war was the naval blockade of Storm's End during Mace's siege, ferrying men across Blackwater Bay and blockading Shipbreaker Bay.

During Greyjoy's Rebellion, the Redwyne fleet supported Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of Fair Isle.[8]

Paxter's twin sons, Horas and Hobber, teased and humiliated Samwell Tarly when he was sent to the Arbor as a page.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

House Redwyne is among the noble houses that Prince Viserys Targaryen believes will rise for him if he lands in Westeros.[9]

The Redwyne twins, Ser Horas and Ser Hobber, are in King's Landing during the events leading up to the War of the Five Kings, where they are mocked at court as "Horror" and "Slobber", respectively. They ride in the Hand's tourney.[10] They are named by Lord Petyr Baelish as possible supporters in Lord Eddard Stark's power struggle against Queen Cersei Lannister, though ultimately he chooses to rely on the gold cloaks for their numbers.[11]

A Clash of Kings

After the demise of King Robert I Baratheon and the self-coronation of Renly Baratheon, Horas and Hobber are kept as hostages in King's Landing, preventing House Redwyne from joining the Tyrells in declaring for King Renly, and are once prevented from escape.[12]

After Renly's death, as part of his efforts to to win House Tyrell and its most powerful houses, Tyrion Lannister sends Hobber back to their father, Lord Paxter Redwyne, with Baelish's retinue as a sign of trust, while keeping Horas as insurance.[13]

In the end, the Tyrells do join House Lannister's cause, and the Redwynes with them. They help rout Stannis Baratheon in the battle of the Blackwater.[14]

A Storm of Swords

Lord Tywin Lannister grants Paxter an advisory seat on the small council, along with a remission of taxes on certain vintages from the Arbor for thirty years.[15]

Lord Redwyne and his sons become fixtures of the court. As a wedding present, Paxter gives King Joffrey I a scale replica of King Joffrey's Valor, which is being built in the Arbor.[16] They attend the wedding of Joffrey and witness his murder. Paxter and Hobber are called as witnesses for the prosecution in the trial of Tyrion for the death of Joffrey.[17]

A Feast for Crows

Lord Paxter, Ser Horas and Ser Hobber attend the funeral of Lord Tywin Lannister, and Paxter attends the wedding of King Tommen I and Queen Margaery Tyrell.[18]

Paxter's council seat is revoked by Queen Regent Cersei after Tywin's death. Cersei tasks the Redwyne fleet with the siege of Dragonstone to remove Paxter from the capital and eliminate the nearest military threat.[19]

The absence of Paxter's fleet and the conquest of the Shield Islands by Euron Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands, leaves the Reach unprotected from ironborn raids. With the majority of the Redwyne ships gone, the Arbor is attacked by ironmen, and the small defence fleet is overwhelmed.[20]

Ser Loras Tyrell takes command of the siege at Dragonstone in order to quickly end it and is badly wounded in his victory.[21][20] After the siege, Lord Paxter sails to defend the Reach.

Queen Regent Cersei arranges for the arrests of Horas and Hobber as part of her intrigues against Queen Margaery Tyrell.[22]

A Dance with Dragons

Tyrion discovers a cask of strongwine in Pentos that was once a part of Lord Runceford Redwyne's private stock.[23]

After Cersei's arrest by the Faith, Ser Kevan Lannister as regent, re-appoints Paxter to the small council, this time as master of ships. The Redwyne twins, Ser Horas and Ser Hobber, are found innocent.[24]

Lord Paxter and his Redwyne fleet are last reported as passing Dorne during their voyage back to the Arbor.[25]

House Redwyne at the end of the third century

The known Redwynes during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

With unspecified familiar relationship with the main branch, other Redwynes include:

Unknown wife
Unknown Redwyne
Unknown Redwyne
Luthor Tyrell
Mina Tyrell
Mace Tyrell
Alerie Hightower
Janna Tyrell
Jon Fossoway
Denyse Hightower
Mathis Rowan
Willas Tyrell
Garlan Tyrell
Leonette Fossoway
Loras Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell


Historical members

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