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Thaddeus Rowan
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Thaddeus Rowan, as depicted by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

Culture Reach
Born 76 AC[2]
Died 135 AC[3]
on the road to Goldengrove[3]

Thaddeus Rowan was the Lord of Goldengrove and the head of House Rowan during the Dance of the Dragons. He served as a Hand of the King during the regency of Aegon III.[4]

Appearance and Character

By 132 AC, Thaddeus had become bald and plump.[5]

Thaddeus was bluff, cheerful, brave, honest, dutiful and well-liked, well-regarded, and well-respected.[5][4] He was a proud and just man, but neither arrogant nor vindictive. He was loyal to his friends, and not overly ambitious. He fought ably and with valor.[5]

Lord Rowan was considered a doting husband and a good father.[5]


Lord Thaddeus supported Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. He led one of the armies that marched against Lord Ormund Hightower's host in the Reach in 129 AC. The armies fought one another during the Battle of the Honeywine, during which Thaddeus and the other blacks seemed to be victorious, until the arrival of Prince Daeron Targaryen on his dragon Tessarion turned the battle for the Hightowers and the other greens. Thaddeus retreated north with the remnants of his host.[6][7]

Thaddeus had two sons by his first wife, and five by his second. His second wife died in 131 AC. In 132 AC, King Aegon III Targaryen's small council and regents agreed to marry him to Lady Baela Targaryen. However, Baela was not satisfied with the proposed marriage, and fled to her cousin, Lord Alyn Velaryon, who she married a fortnight later. Thaddeus's wounded pride was appeased by the council by a betrothal to the fourteen-year-old Lady Floris Baratheon. She died in childbirth two years later.[5]

In 133 AC, after the death of Ser Tyland Lannister, the Hand of the King, King Aegon summoned Thaddeus to King's Landing to serve as his Hand. King Aegon's summons was overruled by two of his remaining regents, Lord Unwin Peake and Grand Maester Munkun. To prevent offending Thaddeus, he was offered a place on the small council as lord justiciar and master of laws, and replaced Lord Roland Westerling as one of the king's regents.[1]

After Unwin resigned as Hand in 134 AC, Thaddeus was named to the position.[4] However, Thaddeus, though well-liked, was not feared by the realm, and it was soon rumored that Lady Larra Rogare, the wife of Prince Viserys Targaryen, and her three brothers were in charge of the kingdom during the Lysene Spring. In 135 AC Lord Thaddeus, accused of treason and being involved in a plot with House Rogare, was tortured for information and stripped of his position of Hand. On day twelve of the secret siege, Lord Thaddeus was brought before the king and prince. Thaddeus face was so bruised and swollen he was near unrecognizable, his speech so slurred he was thought drunk but it was because all his teeth had been knocked out of his mouth. He falsely confessed to King Aegon and Prince Viserys in his involvement in the plot. It was soon clear to Viserys though that Lord Thaddeus had been broken by his experience and simply responded affirmatively when accused of anything, a point that was exemplified when the court fool Mushroom asked him if he poisoned King Viserys I, to which Thaddeus said he had.[3]

After the siege ended and the real conspirators were caught, Thaddeus was reinstated in his post as a regent and King's Hand. It soon became clear he was no longer suited to his office, one moment he seemed his old self, the next he burst into tears. Mushroom mocked him at times, and once got him to confess to causing the Doom of Valyria. King Aegon politely dismissed him from the office and Munkun took the position of Hand of the King for the remainder of that year. Lord Thaddeus vowed he would return once his health had improved, only to die on his return journey back to Goldengrove.[8][3]


first wife
[Note 1]
second wife
Five sons
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  1. Lord Thaddeus is known to have had at least two nephews and three cousins.


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Last known title holder:
Rickard Rowan
Lord of Goldengrove
?–135 AC
Next known title holder:
Mathis Rowan
Preceded by Master of laws
Lord justiciar

133134 AC
Served under: Aegon III Targaryen
Next known title holder:
Symond Staunton
Preceded by Hand of the King
134135 AC
135 AC
Served under: Aegon III Targaryen
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