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House Manderly.svg Lord
Torrhen Manderly
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Culture Northmen
Born or before 111 AC
Father Desmond Manderly
Issue Daughters[1]

Torrhen Manderly was a knight from House Manderly during the Dance of the Dragons and the second son of Lord Desmond Manderly.[2] He later became the Lord of White Harbor, as well as Lord Regent and Hand of the King during the minority of King Aegon III Targaryen.[3][4]

Appearance and Character

Torrhen was clever and corpulent.[5] It was said of him that he was brusque and gluttonous, but fair.[1] Torrhen was a courtly man, well-spoken, handsomely clad, and well disciplined. He was a follower of the Faith of the Seven.[6] Torrhen is older than Lord Kermit Tully (b. 112 AC).[1]


The Dance of the Dragons

Prince Jacaerys Velaryon visited White Harbor and Winterfell and enlisted the north for the blacks in 129 AC during the Dance of the Dragons. Torrhen's father, Lord Desmond Manderly, sent Torrhen and his brother, Ser Medrick, south to aid Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. After Rhaenyra lost two dragons to the Two Betrayers, Torrhen and his brother argued that the other two dragonseeds, Addam Velaryon and Nettles, were also untrustworthy.[5]

During the riots at King's Landing, Torrhen led his northmen to Fishmonger's Square and River Row, which they found to be swarming with the gutter knights of Ser Perkin the Flea. Torrhen's force lost a quarter of their men while retreating back to the Red Keep. At Dun Fort they boarded the Violande, which sailed them to Dragonstone. Torrhen and his brother remained aboard the ship while Rhaenyra disembarked. From Dragonstone, Torrhen and his brother sailed back to White Harbor on the Violande.[7]

Regency of Aegon III Targaryen

Ser Torrhen was named as one of King Aegon III Targaryen's seven regents in 131 AC.[3][4] When the regents argued over who should be Aegon's heir, Torrhen objected to Lady Baela Targaryen, the option presented by Ser Tyland Lannister, the Hand of the King.[4]

In late 132 AC, a disease known as the Winter Fever fell on Westeros. It struck the Three Sisters first and quickly spread to White Harbor. With the death of Torrhen's father, Lord Desmond, followed four days later by the death of his brother, Ser Medrick, Torrhen became the new Lord of White Harbor. He gave up his position of regent and sailed back north.[4]

Torrhen sent a letter to King's Landing when Lord Unwin Peake, the King's Hand, attempted to betroth his own daughter Myrielle Peake to King Aegon III following the death of Queen Jaehaera Targaryen. In his letter, Lord Torrhen argued that Aegon III should marry a Manderly, given the fact that both of the marriage pacts between House Manderly and House Targaryen had been broken "by cruel chance".[8]

When a Great Council was called in 136 AC to choose the new regents and Hand of the King for King Aegon III, Lord Torrhen sailed to the capital with twoscore knights and cousins. Torrhen was chosen by the assembled lords as Aegon's new Hand. He accepted the position and named Isembard Arryn as the new master of coin and Gedmund Peake as the master of ships.[1]

Torrhen's first task as Hand of the King was to sit in judgment at the trials of those accused of poisoning Gaemon Palehair and plotting treason against King Aegon III.[1] During his time as Hand, Torrhen proved to be honest and able. He enacted a major reform of the taxes with the help of Isembard, made several appointments at court and repudiated the pact that Lord Alyn Velaryon had signed to secure the release of Prince Viserys Targaryens. However, King Aegon III never warmed to Torrhen, and Torrhen never liked the king.[1]

With Aegon III's sixteenth nameday approached, Torrhen made preparations for a great royal progress throughout the Seven Kingdoms to mark the occasion. However, on the day Aegon III turned sixteen, the king came into the council chambers and canceled the progress. He next dismissed his regents, and relieved Torrhen of his position as Hand. By doing so, Aegon III turned Torrhen in an enemy, as Torrhen considered his dismissal and the abrupt cancellation of the royal progress a deeply humiliating personal insult. Torrhen left King's Landing within a fortnight and sailed back to White Harbor aboard the Jolly Salt, accompanied by the court fool Mushroom, to whom he had offered the position of fool at the Merman's Court.[1]


Best take no chances. If the foe gains two more dragons, we are lost.[5]

—Torrhen to Rhaenyra Targaryen and her council

Aye, I'll do it. But I'll need a man who is good with coin if I'm to deal with these Lyseni thieves and their bloody bank.[1]

—Torrhen to the lords present at the Great Council of 136 AC

A king should have a Hand of his own choosing. You have served me well, no doubt, as you served my mother before me, but it was my lords who chose you. You may return to White Harbor.[1]

Aegon III Targaryen as he dismissed Torrhen as Hand of the King


four wives
[Note 1]
[Note 2]
Lord Darklyn
[Note 3]
[Note 4]
  1. Lord Theomore is known to have had at least three sons.
  2. Lord Theomore is known to have had at least two daughters, Jessamyn and Mara, but it is unknown whether he had other daughters as well. One of Theomore's daughters, not identified by name, married Lord Darklyn in 72 AC.
  3. Lord Theomore is known to have had at least one nephew.
  4. Lord Theomore is known to have had at least three nieces.


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Preceded by Lord of White Harbor
Warden of the White Knife
Shield of the Faith
Defender of the Dispossessed
Lord Marshal of the Mander

132 AC–?
Next known title holder:
Wyman Manderly
Preceded by Hand of the King
136 AC
Served under: Aegon III Targaryen
Next known title holder:
Viserys Targaryen