Lucas Lothston (husband of Falena)

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House Lothston.svg Lord
Lucas Lothston
House Lothston.svg
Allegiance House Lothston
Culture Rivermen
Spouse Lady Falena Stokeworth[1]
Issue Jeyne Lothston[1]

Lucas Lothston was the Lord of Harrenhal and the head of House Lothston during the reign of King Aegon IV Targaryen. He served Aegon as Hand of the King.[1][2]


Lucas was a fine swordsman and a patient teacher.[3]


Ser Lucas was the grandson of a hedge knight. In 136 AC, he was appointed the new master-at-arms of the Red Keep by Lord Torrhen Manderly, the Hand of the King, replacing the harsh and disgraced Ser Gareth Long. The patient Lucas became a favorite of Prince Viserys Targaryen, and the knight won grudging respect from the prince's solemn elder brother, King Aegon III.[3]

In 151 AC, after Viserys's son, Prince Aegon Targaryen, was caught abed with Lady Falena Stokeworth by a Kingsguard, Viserys arranged for Falena to marry Lucas. To remove Falena from court, Viserys convinced King Aegon III to gift Lucas with Harrenhal. Falena gave birth to a daughter, Jeyne Lothston, in 164 AC. Although Prince Aegon did not have any acknowledged children with Falena, some suspected Jeyne's father was the prince instead of Lucas, the Lord of Harrenhal.[1][2]

In 172 AC, Prince Aegon succeeded to the Iron Throne as King Aegon IV. Falena brought her fourteen-year-old daughter to court in 178 AC. The king took Jeyne as his eighth mistress and named Lord Lucas as Hand of the King. It was rumored but not proven that King Aegon enjoyed mother and daughter together in the same bed. However, Aegon soon gave Jeyne a pox, and Lucas was banished from court along with his wife and daughter, having served less than a year as Hand.[1][2]




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Preceded by Master-at-arms at the Red Keep
136 AC–?
Served under: Aegon III Targaryen
Next known title holder:
Quentyn Ball
Title last held by
Larys Strong
Lord of Harrenhal
151 AC–?
Next known title holder:
Lucas Lothston
Last known title holder:
Lord Butterwell
Hand of the King
178 AC
Served under: Aegon IV Targaryen
Next known title holder:
Jon Hightower