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River Row is a street along the eastern wall in between the King's Gate and the River Gate.[1] Sea captains, fishmongers and others with interest in the harbor live in this street.[2] Inns can be found there.[3]


Princess Viserra Targaryen visited the inns of Eel Alley with her companions for "one last night of laughter" before being sent to White Harbor and marry old Lord Theomore Manderly. She died later that night in a drunken horse race.[3]

During the Dance of the Dragons, violent riots occurred in the capital, Ser Torrhen Manderly led a sortie from the Red Keep down the Hook with his northmen to try to stop the rioteers. When they arrived to the Fishmonger's Square and the River Row, the place was swarming with Ser Perkin the Flea's gutter knights. Ser Torrhen lost a quarter of his men fighting his way back to the Red Keep.[4][5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Tyrion Lannister rides with Podrick Payne and Ser Mandon Moore along the River Row from the River Gate to the King's Gate during the Battle of the Blackwater.[6]


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