Merman's Court

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Merman's Court is the great hall of the New Castle in White Harbor where Lord Wyman Manderly holds court and feasts. Its walls, floor, and ceiling are made of wooden planks notched cunningly together and decorated with all the creatures of the sea. At one end is the entrance, at the other is a dais where there is a large cushioned throne.

The floor has painted crabs and clams and starfish, half-hidden amongst twisting black fronds of seaweed and the bones of drowned sailors. On the walls are pale sharks prowling painted blue-green depths, whilst eels and octopods slither amongst rocks and sunken ships. Shoals of herring and great codfish swim between the tall, arched windows. Higher up, near where the old fishing nets droop down from the rafters, the surface of the sea is depicted. To the right a war galley rests serenely against the rising sun; to the left, a battered old cog races before a storm, her sails in rags. Behind the dais a kraken and grey leviathan are locked in battle beneath the painted waves.[1]