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Wendel Manderly

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Wendel Manderly
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Title Ser
Allegiance House Manderly
Born In or between 254AC and 263AC[1], at White Harbor[2]
Died In 299AC, at the Twins
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (Appears)
A Clash of Kings (Appears)
A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (Mentioned)

Played by Oddie Braddell
TV series Season 3

Ser Wendel Manderly is a knight from House Manderly. He is the second son of Lord Wyman Manderly.


Character and Appearance

Wendel is not quite as fat as his father, Wyman, and older brother, Wylis, but is still considered immense. He is loud and boisterous. He wears a large mustache and is bald.[3] He has a round moon face and values his honor highly.[4]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Wendel accompanies his brother, Wylis, to the muster when Robb Stark calls his banners.[3] He stays with Robb's force on the march south and is named as one of his personal guard during the Battle of the Whispering Wood.[5]

A Clash of Kings

Wendel accompanies Lady Catelyn Tully south to meet with Renly Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon.[4] Catelyn notes that Wendel only values his honor more than his food.

A Storm of Swords

After Robb Stark breaks his marriage contract with House Frey, Wendel offers to take a Frey bride as part of an apology to the Freys.[6] He is slain during the Red Wedding, taking a crossbow bolt to the mouth.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

Wendel's bones are returned to his father by a trio of Freys, Rhaegar, Jared and Symond, who also come to ensure White Harbor bends the knee to King Tommen.

Quotes about Wendel

A valiant boy, and jolly.[8]
- Wyman Manderly

Wendel was always a brave boy. I was not surprised to learn he died a hero.[9]
- Wyman Manderly


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Daryn Hornwood

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