Martyn Hightower

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House Hightower.png
Martyn Hightower
House Hightower.png
Title Lord of the Hightower
Lord of the Port
Voice of Oldtown
Defender of the Citadel
Beacon of the South
Allegiance House Hightower
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Martyn Hightower was Lord of the Hightower and head of House Hightower during the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen. He was the father of Ceryse Hightower.[1]


Martyn's daughter, Ceryse, was married to Prince Maegor Targaryen in 25 AC, after Ceryse's uncle, the High Septon,[N 1] protested the proposed marriage between Maegor and his cousin, Princess Rhaena Targaryen.[2][1]


  1. In The World of Ice and Fire, it is stated that "The unexpected nature of the High Septon's death in 44 AC aroused much suspicion, however, and whispers of murder persist to this day. Some believe His High Holiness was removed by his own brother, Ser Morgan Hightower, commander of the Warrior's Sons in Oldtown (and it is undeniably true that Ser Morgan was the sole Warrior's Son pardoned by King Maegor)." (The World of Ice and Fire, The Reach: Oldtown) However, it has been confirmed that Morgan Hightower was not the High Septon's brother, but that Morgan and Martyn were brothers, and that the printed statement was in error


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