Morgan Hightower

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Morgan Hightower
Warrior's Sons.svg
Title Ser
Commander of the Warrior's Sons
Allegiance House Hightower
Faith of the Seven
Warrior's Sons
Culture Reachmen
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
The Sons of the Dragon (mentioned)

Ser Morgan Hightower was a knight of House Hightower and Commander of the Warrior's Sons chapter at Oldtown during the Faith Militant uprising.[1] He was the younger brother of Lord Martyn Hightower.[N 1]


Ser Morgan already served with the Warrior's Sons at the time of Aegon's Conquest.[2] When King Maegor the Cruel and his army approached Oldtown during the Faith Militant uprising, Ser Morgan led the Warrior's Sons and surrounded the Starry Sept to protect the High Septon. By morning, however, the High Septon was dead.[1]

Morgan and his sworn brothers were all arrested under orders of Lord Martyn Hightower and put on trial by Maegor. Morgan was the only one pardoned,[3] while the rest were given the choice between death or taking the black. This pardon has led to the suspicion, which survives into the present, that Ser Morgan had murdered the High Septon at the behest of his brother, as he was seen entering and leaving the privy chambers of His High Holiness that night.[1][3]

He was later cut down and butchered on the road to Honeyholt by the Warrior's Sons who remained loyal to Ser Joffrey Doggett.[1]


Maegor I Targaryen


  1. In The World of Ice & Fire, it is stated that "The unexpected nature of the High Septon's death in 44 AC aroused much suspicion, however, and whispers of murder persist to this day. Some believe His High Holiness was removed by his own brother, Ser Morgan Hightower, commander of the Warrior's Sons in Oldtown (and it is undeniably true that Ser Morgan was the sole Warrior's Son pardoned by King Maegor)." (The World of Ice and Fire, The Reach: Oldtown) However, it has been confirmed that Morgan Hightower was not the High Septon's brother, but Lord Martyn's, and that the printed statement was in error


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