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House Webber of Coldmoat
House Webber.svg
Coat of arms A white and red spider upon a silver web over black
(Sable, a cobweb argent thereon a spider gules spotted of the second)
Seat Coldmoat
Head Unknown
Region The Reach
Title Lord of Coldmoat
Overlord House Rowan

House Webber of Coldmoat is a noble house from Coldmoat in the Reach. It is sworn to House Rowan. Their lands used to border those of House Osgrey.[1]

Their blazon is a black field with a spotted spider on a silver web.[1][2]


Lord Reynard Webber once ruled Coldmoat.[1]

Lord Wyman Webber fought at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, where his squire, the first husband of Wyman's daughter Lady Rohanne Webber, died. Rohanne's third husband was Ser Simon Staunton and her fourth was Ser Rolland Uffering.[1]

Rohanne, Lady of Coldmoat, married Ser Eustace Osgrey in order to keep Coldmoat from going to her cousin, Wendell Webber, who was married to Lord Rowan's sister.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Webber, a sellsword with the Windblown who is decorated with spider tattoos, is said to nurse a claim to lost lands in Westeros.[3]

Historical Members