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House Slynt of Harrenhal
House Slynt.svg
Coat of arms A bloody spear, gold on black, with a border of checkered gold and black
(Sable, a spear or tipped sanguine, a bordure chequy or and sable)
Seat None, formerly Harrenhal
Head Lord Morros Slynt
Title Lord of Harrenhal (formerly)
Heir Jothos Slynt
Overlord House Baratheon of King's Landing (ADWD)
Founder Lord Janos Slynt
Founded 298 AC

House Slynt of Harrenhal is a noble house from Harrenhal in the riverlands. Originating from King's Landing in the crownlands, their blazon is a bloody spear, gold on a field of night-black, with a border of checkered gold and black.[1][2] The motto of the house is not mentioned.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

The house is created when King Joffrey I Baratheon ennobles Janos Slynt, the Commander of the City Watch of King's Landing, and names him Lord of Harrenhal for services rendered to the kingdom - namely, for betraying Eddard Stark during his attempt to take Joffrey into custody. The lands and incomes of Harrenhal are to pass to Janos's descendants when he dies.[1]

A Clash of Kings

Janos's son Morros Slynt rides in the tourney on King Joffrey's name day, where he is unhorsed by Ser Balon Swann.[3]

The acting Hand of the King, Tyrion Lannister, distrusts Janos and strips the Slynts of Harrenhal. Although Janos is to be forcibly sent to the Night's Watch, Tyrion explains that Morros will inherit the title of Lord Slynt. Unspecified lands and a keep will be granted to the innocent Morros, although they will not be as grand as Harrenhal.[4]

After the Battle of the Blackwater, Harrenhal is awarded to Petyr Baelish for securing the alliance between the Iron Throne and House Tyrell, which he arranged following the death of Renly Baratheon during the War of the Five Kings.[5]

A Storm of Swords

The squires Morros and Jothos Slynt appear at Tyrion's trial in the Red Keep for the death of Joffrey. They testify that they had seen Tyrion gather the poisoned wedding chalice and pour the remaining contents on the floor.[6]

At the Wall, Lord Janos sends Jon Snow to kill Mance Rayder, but before he can, King Stannis Baratheon arrives and captures Mance in the battle beneath the Wall.[7]

Janos put his name forth as a candidate during the choosing of the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. He is the only candidate to improve his vote totals with each vote.[8] Samwell Tarly plots to prevent Janos's election and convinces Cotter Pyke and Ser Denys Mallister to support Jon instead.[9][10]

A Dance with Dragons

When Lord Janos publicly refuses Lord Commander Jon Snow's orders to assume command of Greyguard, Jon sentences Janos to be hanged. He changes his mind, however, and decides to execute him himself. Despite Janos's pleas, Jon beheads Janos with Longclaw.[11]

It is unknown if Morros and his siblings remain in King's Landing.

House Slynt at the end of the third century