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The North and the location of Greyguard
The North and the location of Greyguard
The North and the location of Greyguard

Greyguard is a castle along the Wall abandoned by the Night's Watch. It has largely collapsed.[1] It has been abandoned for two hundred years.[2] It lies west of Stonedoor and east of Sentinel Stand.


Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Commander Mormont planned to re-garrison the castle with men from the Shadow Tower, but on the advice of Qhorin Halfhand, they chose Stonedoor over it, due to Greyguard's dire straits.[1]

A Storm of Swords

The party of wildlings that Jon Snow attached himself to descended from the Wall at Greyguard.[3],[4]

A Dance with Dragons

Jon Snow decides to re-garrison Greyguard with thirty men under the command of Janos Slynt. Slynt refused to follow Jon's orders, the second time publicly, which led Jon to execute Slynt. Greyguard is eventually re-garrisoned with a grizzled steward from the Shadow Tower in command.

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