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The North and the location of Greyguard
The North and the location of Greyguard
The North and the location of Greyguard

Greyguard is a castle along the Wall abandoned by the Night's Watch. It has largely collapsed.[1] It has been abandoned for two hundred years.[2] It lies west of Stonedoor and east of Sentinel Stand.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Commander Jeor Mormont plans to re-garrison the castle with men from the Shadow Tower, but on the advice of Qhorin Halfhand, they choose Stonedoor over it, due to Greyguard's dire straits.[1]

A Storm of Swords

The party of wildlings that Jon Snow attaches himself to descends from the Wall at Greyguard.[3][4]

Prior to their assaults on Castle Black and the Wall, wildlings hack at the gates of Greyguard.[5]

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Commander Jon Snow decides to re-garrison Greyguard with thirty men - ten from Castle Black, ten from the Shadow Tower and ten from King Stannis Baratheon - under the command of Janos Slynt. Slynt refuses to follow Jon's orders, the second time publicly, which leads Jon to execute him.[6]

Jon later considers Ser Alliser Thorne as Janos Slynt's replacement, but he instead orders Greyguard to be re-garrisoned with a grizzled steward from the Shadow Tower in command.[7]