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The north and the location of the Shadow Tower
The north and the location of the Shadow Tower
Shadow Tower
The north and the location of the Shadow Tower
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The Shadow Tower is one of three castles along the Wall that are still inhabited by the Night's Watch. It is located next to mountains at the far end of the Wall.[1] It lies west of Sentinel Stand and east of Westwatch-by-the-Bridge.[2] It is commanded by Ser Denys Mallister and its maester is Mullin.


Mance Rayder served at the Shadow Tower before he abandoned the Night's Watch.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Commander Jeor Mormont plans to re-garrison Stonedoor using men from the Shadow Tower.[4]

One hundred men from the Shadow Tower, including lead rangers Qhorin Halfhand, Ebben, Dalbridge and Stonesnake, arrive at the Fist of the First Men to augment the main force from Castle Black.[4]

A Storm of Swords

Qhorin Halfhand's second-in-command, Blane, commands the Shadow Tower men in his absence during the fight at the Fist.[5]

Men from the Shadow Tower make up the bulk of the Night's Watch who fight at the fight at the Bridge of Skulls.[6]

A Dance with Dragons

A grizzled steward from the Shadow Tower is re-assigned as commander of the newly-formed garrison at Greyguard.[7]

Ser Denys Mallister sends regular ravens to Castle Black requesting additional men for the Shadow Tower.[8] Lord Commander Jon Snow re-assigns Halder and Toad to meet his demands, as well as ten untrained men from Mole's Town.[7][9]

The garrison of the Shadow Tower spot multiple fires in the night north of the Gorge. Denys believes wildlings are amassing to force the Bridge of Skulls once more.[10]

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