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The Weeper
Weeper by Mike S Miller ©
Weeper by Mike S Miller ©

Alias The Weeping Man
Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture Free folk

The Weeper, also known as the Weeping Man, is a notorious free folk raider and leader of a war band.[1]

Appearance and Character

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The Weeper is a thick, blond-haired man, nicknamed for his watery eyes. He carries a large curved scythe of steel.[2] Known for killing rangers of the Night's Watch and raiding the northern mountain clans, the Weeper often blinds his victims.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Qhorin Halfhand brings news to the Night's Watch encampment on the Fist of the First Men that the Weeping Man has allied himself with Mance Rayder.[1]

A Storm of Swords

Leading a group of Mance's outriders, the Weeper encounters Rattleshirt and the captive Jon Snow.[2]

During the wildling assault on the Wall, the Weeper is spotted near Icemark.[4] Along with about three hundred other wildlings he is defeated by Night's Watch forces led by Bowen Marsh in a fight at the Bridge of Skulls. However, the Weeper survives the battle.[5]

A Dance with Dragons

After Mance's army is defeated in the battle beneath the Wall, the Weeper gathers warriors at the Milkwater and plans to cross the Bridge of Skulls to take the Shadow Tower.[6][3] While Jon Snow, now Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, thinks that the remaining free folk beyond the Wall will rally behind Tormund, the captured Mance worries that they will instead support the more belligerent Weeper.[7]

The Weeper and his men capture three rangers of the Watch, Garth Greyfeather, Black Jack Bulwer, and Hairy Hal. He has them killed, their heads removed, and their eyes plucked out, then leaves their heads on spears near the Wall for the men of the Night's Watch to find.[7]

Jon is willing to offer clemency to the Weeper and passage through the Wall if the raider joins the Night's Watch. Othell Yarwyck discounts the suggestion, however, and Torghen Flint wants the Weeper imprisoned for his crimes.[3]


Along with the Tormunds and the Longspears rode other sorts of wildlings, though; men like Rattleshirt and the Weeper who would as soon slit you as spit on you.[8]

—thoughts of Jon Snow

Cutting out the eyes, that's the Weeper's work. The best crow's a blind crow, he likes to say. Sometimes I think he'd like to cut out his own eyes, the way they're always watering and itching. Snow's been assuming the free folk would turn to Tormund to lead them, because that's what he would do. He liked Tormund, and the old fraud liked him too. If it's the Weeper, though ... that's not good. Not for him, and not for us.[7]

Othell: The Weeper will not say the words. He will not wear the cloak. Even other raiders do not trust him.

Jon: We need the Weeper, and others like him. Who knows the wild better than a wildling? Who knows our foes better than a man who has fought them?

Othell: All the Weeper knows is rape and murder.[3]