A Storm of Swords-Chapter 79

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A Storm of Swords chapter
Place Castle Black
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A Dance with Dragons
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Jon practices swords in the yard with Iron Emmett, another brother of the Night's Watch. Emmett hits Jon hard and Jon is knocked into thoughts of Winterfell and his boyhood rivalry with Robb. Part of him always wanted to become Lord of Winterfell and resented that it was impossible for him. These feelings come up so strong that he beats Emmett mercilessly and has to be pulled off him. Jon goes to the bathhouse, and overhears Ser Alliser and Bowen Marsh mentioning that Lord Tywin sent a letter backing Janos Slynt’s rise to Lord Commander. They show it to Othell Yarwyck, seeking to have the First Builder withdraw and back Slynt. Jon is disturbed by the prospect of Slynt becoming Lord Commander, and goes off through the gate beyond the Wall. He is torn between his duties to the Watch, and the chance Stannis has given him to become Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell. As he is considering that he has always wanted this, his thoughts change to a hunger for food. No, not food but prey - deer or elk. When he looks up, Ghost comes padding over. He is overjoyed to see his old friend.

Jon looks at the direwolf’s red eyes. Recalling what Melisandre said about there being no old gods, only the Lord of Light and the Other, Jon realizes that while Ghost's eyes are red, they are not like Melisandre’s. He has a weirwood’s eyes and belongs to the old gods. His mind made up, he attends the voting council for the first time. He is greeted with shouts of disapproval from Slynt and Thorne, learning that his name has been put forth as Lord Commander. Seeking to end the voting, Ser Alliser mentions that Othell Yarwyck has something to say, but the First Builder abandons their plotting, and withdraws in favor of Jon. When Sam and Clydas go to fetch the voting kettle, a large raven flies out and lands on Jon’s shoulder, cawing, "Snow. Snow." The Black Brothers are amazed when they realize the bird is Mormont's raven. Jon Snow wins the vote in a landslide victory and is named the 998th Lord Commander, but he must soon confront Stannis with the news.

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