House Towers of Harrenhal

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House Towers of Harrenhal
House Towers of Harrenhal.svg
Coat of arms Five black towers on white, a double tressure red and black
(Argent, five towers sable within a double-tressure, the outer gules and the inner of the second)
Seat Harrenhal[1]
Head Extinct[2]
Region The riverlands[1]
Title Lord of Harrenhal[1]
Overlord House Tully[1]
Founder Ser Walton Towers[1]
Founded 44 AC[1]
Died out 61 AC[2]

House Towers of Harrenhal was a noble house from the riverlands, who ruled over Harrenhal for three generations before the line faltered and died out.[3] They blazoned their arms with five black towers on white, a double tressure red and black.[4]


After King Maegor I Targaryen wiped out House Harroway in 44 AC, he decreed that the strongest of his knights would have the castle of Harrenhal. Twenty-three knights of Maegor's household fought in the blood-soaked streets of Lord Harroway's Town for the prize. Ser Walton Towers, though gravely wounded, was the victor. He was named Lord of Harrenhal, though he died within a fortnight from the wounds he had taken in the battle.[1]

Harrenhal passed to Walton's eldest son Jordan, though its domains were diminished, as Harroway's Town was passed to Alton Butterwell and the rest of the Harroway holdings were passed to Darnold Darry. When the realm began to turn against Maegor for Prince Jaehaerys, Lord Towers was among the lords who gathered at the king's command. Lords Towers and Rosby were the last to see Maegor alive before he mysteriously died upon the Iron Throne.[1] Lord Jordan yielded the Red Keep to Jaehaerys and was pardoned for his loyalty to Maegor, though he had to surrender lands.[5]

In 53 AC, Maegor Towers was the new, sickly, nine-year-old Lord of Harrenhal after his father died of a congestion in his chest and his elder brothers died in King Maegor's wars.[6] Though House Towers maintained friendly relations with the crown, the family had become impoverished, with only a cook and three aged men-at-arms in his household. Lord Maegor lived at Harrenhal for a few years with Jaehaery's widowed sister, Rhaena Targaryen, who then cared for Maegor's household after the Lord of Harrenhal passed away in 61 AC.[2]

With House Towers extinct, King Jaehaerys granted Harrenhal to House Strong after Rhaena died in 73 AC.[2]

Historical Members


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