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House Qoherys of Harrenhal
Coat of arms Sable, a saltire flambant gules between four skulls argent
Seat Harrenhal
Current Lord Extinct
Region Riverlands
Title Lord of Harrenhal
Overlord House Tully
Founded circa 1AC

House Qoherys of Harrenhal is an extinct noble house of Valyrian descent in the Riverlands. They blazoned their arms with a flaming saltire, red and yellow, between four white skulls, on black.[1]


According to semi-canon sources it was founded by a battle companion of Aegon I Targaryen, who awarded him the castle of Harrenhal after the descendants of Harren the Black were killed by Aegon. House Qoherys was the second noble house to hold Harrenhall. After House Qoherys died out, House Towers was granted the lands and incomes of Harrenhal.

References and Notes

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