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House Qoherys of Harrenhal
Coat of arms Sable, a flaming saltire proper between four skulls white
Seat Harrenhal
Current Lord Extinct
Region Riverlands
Title Lord of Harrenhal
Overlord House Tully
Founded circa 1 AL

House Qoherys of Harrenhal was a noble house of Valyrian descent in the Riverlands. According to semi-canon sources it was founded by a battle companion of Aegon I Targaryen, who awarded him the castle of Harrenhal after the descendants of Harren the Black were killed by Aegon. They blazoned their arms with a flaming saltire, red and yellow, between four white skulls, on black.[1] After House Qoherys died out, House Towers was granted the lands and incomes of Harrenhal.

References and Notes

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