High Steward of the Vale

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High Steward of the Vale is a position of great authority and title in the Vale of Arryn.


The only known High Steward of the Vale has been Lord Nestor Royce, Keeper of the Gates of the Moon, during the fourteen years in which Lord Jon Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale and Warden of the East, remained in court at the Red Keep serving as Hand of the King. As High Steward, Nestor ruled the Vale of Arryn in the name of Lord Jon.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Nestor Royce, the High Steward of the Vale,[2] is granted the Gates of the Moon by Petyr Baelish, Lord Protector of the Vale, supposedly on behalf of the late Lady Lysa Arryn.[3]